2010/02/26-28 Phill Niblock [The Movement of People Working] Live Performance + Exhibition

Live Performance + Exhibition by Phill Niblock.

The Movement of People Working, his film series, has been paused since 1991, after a few decades, he did a video-shooting at factories and market in Osaka, November 2009. Don't miss his live performance and Exhibition.

Phill NIBLOCK http://www.phillniblock.com
Phill Niblock is a New York-based minimalist composer and multi-media musician and director of Experimental Intermedia, a foundation born in the flames of 1968's barricade-hopping. He has been a maverick presence on the fringes of the avant garde ever since. In the history books Niblock is the forgotten Minimalist. That's as maybe: no one ever said the history books were infallible anyway. Since 1968 Phill has also put on over 1000 concerts in his loft space, including Ryoji Ikeda, Zbigniew Karkowski, Jim O'Rourke.

Dates: 26- 28 February, 2010
Performance: 19:00- 21:00
Exhibition: 13:00- 20:00 (close at 17:00 on 28th)

Venue: remo, Coop Kitakagaya
5-4-12 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0011
e-mail: info@remo.or.jp/ remo.office@gmail.com

Access: Osaka City Subway, Yotsubashi-Line [KITAKAGAYA] sta. Exit 4 (5 min. walk)

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14/07/2007 Toshikazu and Hiroshi MIYAMOTO [Not there; here] - in collaboration with the late grandfather, Toshikazu MIYAMOTO -

The Installation of old film and sound related to family of the artist, Hiroshi Miyamoto.

I create "a warehouse of memories" recorded in various media using 10 video projectors, FM radio waves and daily objects. Visitors can take a part of memories
to home. Please bring a portable FM radio you have (if you have).

- Old photographs sometimes impress us when seeing them
- It could do because you find the common thing with those photographs.

This project is composed of installation works about The Miyamoto Family and their stories.
I interweave my film, photographs and sound are interwoven with the home movies and the family albums recorded by my late grandfather Toshikazu into a work of art. In those records, both of us capture the people close to ourselves and landscapes around our house. That is to say, the memories of the family are recorded.

_ For instance, face. voice, and body of the self, lifestyle, memories in childhood. expectation to the future
_ you might realize something taken for granted, but something important through our work.

Dates: Friday, 6th to Saturday 14th July 2007 15:00-21:00

Admission free

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01/06/2007 SUZUKI Atsushi [so what? 001-300] and [Osaka Hakkei (8 landscapes of Osaka)]

Atsushi Suzuki, living in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka presents the video series entitled "so what?" including 300 short pieces, as well as his new works“8 Landscapes of Osaka”.
The "so what?" video series consists of simple short pieces Suzuki captures from ordinary landscapes and scenes in daily life. These seemingly casual video works are filled with humour, comicality, melancholy, loneliness and beauty hidden in human behavior and nature Suzuki pursues. Suzuki's worldview will give us the opportunity to rediscover the world and to have diverse viewpoints through “so what?” series. We strongly recommend people who are not so keen on video art. Once you see, you cannot take eyes off Suzuki's worldview represented in his humane works!

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05- 20/05/2007 Screening: Chie Matsui Video Works 2000-2007

Screening Matsui's past video works, including her latest work. The MEM Gallery also exhibits her drawings from 2000 to 2006 between 17 April to 17 May.
go to MEM's website.

dates: Saturday, 5th to Sunday 20th May 2007, 15.00-21.00
(open only: Fridays to Saturdays)

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12/01-18/02/2008 artist pick up: Ayako Yoshimura / palla (Kazuhiko Kawahara)

remo featured Canadian, Australian video artists in the past artist pick up
programmes. The last programme selected 2 Japanese artists- Ayako Yoshimura and palla (Kazuhiko Kawahara).

Yoshimura is currently living in Amsterdam NL. In her video work "place - a city"
hundreds of still images shot from observatories in 6 different cities [Tokyo,
Yokohama, Shanghai. Sao Paulo, New York, and Chicago] joined together and presents
one anonymous and homogenized cityscape, which is deleted particularities;
landmarks, traffic, and signals.

palla, an award-winner of New Cosmos of Photography, captures the unstable,
ambiguous zone- "the lost boundaries area" he calls, concealed in urban cities. You
hardly imagine that only one photograph is manupilated and transformed into such visionary moving images. It should be noted that his works are generated from not only by his idea, but also by online comments left on his website: www.pallalink.net
Besides, large-scale photographic work is exhibited in the remo space.

Cityscapes on their perspective could be a "contemporaty landscape paintings" in the mixture of beauty and distortion existing in our living cities.

Dates: Friday, 12th January to Sunday, 18th February 2007, 15.00-21.00
[open: Thursdays- Sundays]

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11+12/11/2006 Bar*DaVide@HOTEL T' POINT

The genius artists representing Osaka, Rogues' Gallery is also known as a enthuasitic video collector in the corner of the globe. Rogues” Gallery and remo have launched a project, Bar*DaVide in remo once a month since July 2006. With the axis of their collection- the open-wide, deep, dazzling world of moving image is explored in this video studies-café project. In November, Bar*DaVide will show up in the project presented by HOTEL T’POINT, located in the centre of Osaka- Shinsaibashi. Fulfill your brain with the DaVid-ish ways of enjoying moving image!

Dates: Saturday, 11 and Sunday 12 November, 2006 12:00-19:00


Admission Free

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23/06/-09/07/2006 animation &single channel video art festival Move on Asia -Clash and Network-

The curators of twelve art spaces from six countries in Asia, presents 22 emerging artists in the category of video art. The exhibition will go to Japan, China, Australia and Singapore after the exhibition in Korea. The invited artworks represent the keen sensibility and insightful judgment towards today's economy and politics in the current Asian society. This exhibition represents various views on video art by Asian emerging artists. This will provide the opportunity to draw the future of video art with a new cultural value of Asia rather than performing as one event of the international exchanging show.

Friday, 23rd - Sunday, 25th June/ Friday, 30th june- Sunday, 2nd July/
Friday, 7th - Sunday, 9th july 2006, 15.00-21.00

Australia : Tess Milne / Arlo Mountford
China : Yue Liang / Jie ming Hu / Feng Jien / Chunsheng Lu
Indonesia : Ari Satria Darma / Andry Mohamad
Japan : Tomoki Kakitani / Masayuki Kawai / Daisuke Nagaoka / Takayuki Hino /
Minako Kitayama / Kohei Kobayashi/ kawai+okamura
Korea : Jihoon Park / Hongsok Gim / Chan-kyong Park / Kwang-kee Lee / Hyunjoo Kim
Singapore : Ho Tzu Nyen / Tan Kai Syng

admission: 500 yen

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05-28/05/2006 artist pick up_contemporary canadian video collection

“artist pick up”series focus on moving image in the contemporary art field, and introduce new representations beyond the conventional grammar of moving image. We aim to create the platform to consider diversities and potentials of video expressions through screenings, installations in the space maximally exploited.
artist pick up, this time, introduces Canadian artists selected by Shinobu Akimoto, an artist working both in Canada, and Japan. Canada has been producing many of video artists, video art organizations, artist-run spaces, international festivals under the national support since the 1970s. Akimoto selects 7 groups of artists who incorporate art into life or life into art, in order to live better, and by choice or not by choice, adopt a do-it-yourself strategy. In addition to the exhibition, artist talks by Tanya Read, Matthew Evans, Maula Doyle[to be expected] are scheduled on 6th. Also, Akimoto gives a talk about Canadian contemporary art scene, influences of social, and cultural environments and system, as well as an alternative space, Mercer Union where she belongs to as a board member on 27th.

Dates: Friday, 5th - Sunday, 28th May 2006, 15.00-21.00 [!!Closed: Mon-Wed!!]

**artist talk
Saturday, 6th May 2006, 15.00-
Talkers (on the 6th) Tanya Read; Matthew Evans; Maura Doyle; Shinobu Akimoto
Saturday, 27th May 2006, 15.00-
Talker: Shinobu Akimoto

Artists: Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby/Matthew Evans/G. L. N. (Maura Doyle & Tony Romano)/Jean-Paul Kelly/Sandy Plotnikoff/Tanya Read/Shinobu Akimoto

Admission: 500yen

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01- 11/03/2006 New Visionaries [wallstream]

[wallstream] is the pursuit for the viewpoint that moving image would be incorporated into archtecture [interior/exterior] in the future. It aims to reconstruct methods and grammer in accordance with output by reviewing conventional grammar of moving image. In cooperation of Midosuji Machizukuri Network[Midosuji Urbanplanning Network], [wallstream] works will appear at the window of Mido Biru [Mido Building] located on the corner of Midosuji and Honmachi-dori as well as a model cafe "video lounge[wallstream]" opened in remo.

[wallstream] @mido bldg, Honmachi
Dates: Wednesday, 1 to Friday, 10 March 2006 17.00- 23.00
Venue: Mido Bldg. (subway HONMACHI exit 4 or 5/ in front of Starbucks Cafe)

video lounge[wallstream] @remo
Friday, 3- Saturday, 11 March 2006, 17.00-21.00 (closed on 5th and 6th)

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20-22, 27-29/01 +02-04/02/2006 [New Visionaries] artist pick up - Fuzitama + Chikara Matsumoto

In New Visionaries, 2 up-and coming artists; Fuzitama and Chikara Matsumoto. It exhibits Fujitama's past series "kazoku no yume oukoku(Family Dream Kingdom)" and Matsumoto's video works with music by Organo lounge and original copy of his animation, as well as his invented film machine. On the 3rd February, the collaboration event is scheduled. Cafe Millet will serve some light meal! Don't miss it!

Friday, 20th Sunday, 22nd + Thursday 27th- 29th January
Thursday 2nd - Saturday 4th February 2006, 15.30-20.00
*the artists' collaboration event is scheduled on 3rd February!
start at 19.00-

Artists: Fuzitama, Chikara Matsumoto

Admission: 300 yen(1000 yen on the 3rd feb )
Host organization: Osaka-city/Osaka City Promotion Association

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11/12/2005 one minute on the planet_workshop

There might be a new discovery in places you casually pass by, and scenes you tend to miss by clipping out moving image. In this workshop, we call for submissions of video works from the public in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph. In addition to the screening of submitted works, we have a discussion on reconsidering the role, the potentials of moving image as a medium lying in everyday life and the grammar of moving image.

Guests: Masaru Aoyama/ Atsushi Suzuki/ Tomoko Inagaki/ Fuzitama/ Hiroyuki Oki

admission free

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25/11-17/12/2005 one minute on the planet_exhibition

6 artists made one minute video works in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph. See what we, viewers rediscover in daily life, landscapes of living things on earth in moving image clipped from the artists' perspectives?

Friday, 25th November to Saturday, 17th December 2005 (*Closed on Sundays)
Mondays-Fridays 12.00-21.00 Saturdays 12.00- 17.00

Artists: Atsushi Suzuki/ Tomoko Inagaki/Fuzitama/Hiroyuki Oki/ Manuel Saiz

admission free

*This exhibition is one of the events from The 3rd Osaka Art Kaleidoscope [do art yourself] hosted by Osaka Contemporary Art Center. www.doartyourself.com (in Japanese)

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04-06+11-13/03/2005 remo_showcase

So far, remo had screenings, lectures, workshops and gatherings to reconsider a variety of what we call, 'post-movie'in project"New Visionaries". remo_showcase review works we encountered in our past events and activities to look for the future applications of post-movie. remo selects moving images from various perspectives from our programmes; remember 3rd Monday, video lounge'wallstream', mobile vision (movie shot by mobile phone).
In addition, we also set a new programme 'remoscope' inviting works along with the 'Lumiere rules' from the public. Please bring your works on 12th of March! (MINI-DV/DVD)
See www.remoscope.net for the rules.

Friday, 4th to Sunday, 6th + Friday 11th to Sunday 13th March 2005
Fridays+Saturdays 16.00-21.00/sundays 14.00-19.00

Saturday, 12th March, 15.00- [remoscope] presentation

Exhibiting works:
■ Invited Works
[so what?] Atsushi Suzuki

■ remember 3rd monday selections
[黒イ二匹図動画] (two in black) 2003 05' 00 Kudan Fujiwara
[monotonous-dance-] 2004 01' 45 [monotonous-logue 02-] 2004 8' 00 Manpei Tsurubayashi
[Overdrive] 2005 10' 00/ [Experiment] 2004 32' 46 Sho Matsuo
[mori] 2003 8' 00 Tomoko Inagaki(11-13th only)
[Daisy] 2004 8' 02/ [here's happiness) 2004 23' 58 Naoki Kataguchi

■ Outerlimits_SoundAct selections
[chronophotic] 20' 50 John Oswald
[L'AUTRE RIVE] 1986 40' 00/ [ROYAUME] 1991 41' 00 ETANT DONNES
[anchortronic] 5.1 laboratory for updating experimental sound
**** TV Pow/GOEM/Golden Tone-Fennesz&Zeitblom etc

■video lounge[wallstream]
[freelabour] 2003 15'00/ [elevator] 2004 1' 00 seesaw
[tokkee-B] 2004/[tokkee-C] 2004/ [tokkee-D] 2004 Koichi Emura
[bokuno mono](mine) 2005 10' 23 Naoki Kataguchi
[camp] 2004 6'25/[hair music] 2004 12' 02 Tetsu Kubota
[summertime clock] 2004 16' 22 Takechiyo (from COUMA)

[F.P.R.T] 4'44 /[B.M.X] 12'02 Kenji Tsuda
[rainbow] 2004 10'00 / [makuraren] 2004 12' 58 Kouhei Matsumura
[The Moon and a Green Window] 2003 2' 48 Kyoko Inatome
[a butterfly comes and changes to sand] 19' 06 Kaori Okoshi/Kauchi Abe/Kenta Uchida

■Mobile Vision

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10-15/01/2005 Move on Asia Move on Asia, an animation and single-channel video art exhibition

Move on Asia, an animation and single-channel video art exhibition, that took place in Seoul, South Korea in May 2004 will be embarking on a tour of Aichi [+Gallery], Osaka[remo], and Tokyo[Tokyo Wonder Site] in Japan.
In Seoul, 45 video works from all over Asia were exhibited on evenly spaced monitors, as though it were one big installation work. Throughout this exhibition, there is one common stream behind all works created by different artists - 'contemporary'. Some video works are generated from ever-expanding technologies, whereas, others used drawing giving us fresh impressions.
Also, the 2nd In-Between International Conference on Globalism and Alternative spaces accompanied the Move on Asia. That encounter in Seoul interwove meshes of a worldwide network, which enables us to introduce a variety of works by emerging Asian artists in Japan. We believe Move on Asia will be an initiative that enhances a solid and wide network.

Date: Monday, 10th to Saturday 15th January 2005, 16.00-21.00

Exhibiting artists
Australia:Dominic Redferm / Ryszard Dabek / Van Sowerwine
China:Shiqiang Gao / Xiaoyun Chen / Yongbin Li / Zhen Xu / Xuan Kan / Gongxin Wang
Hong Kong:Tam-ming Woo / Khong-chang Kong / Enoch H.S. Cheung / Aidan Wong
India:Nalani Malani / Sharmila Samant / Shilpa Gupta / Tejal Shah / Tushar Joag / Valey Shende
Indonesia:Jompet / Eko Nugroho / Hanura Hosea
Japan:to the woods / Haruo Ishii / Tochka/ Kazumasa Urui / Meiro Koizumi / Atsushi Suzuki
Singapore:Tzu Nyen Ho / Michael Tan / Victric Thng
Taiwan:Cheih-jen Chen / Kuang-yu Tsui / Chi-tsung Wu
Korea:Youngkyoung Kim / Kira Kim / Jia Chang / Sekweon An / Jaejeong Kim / Seonghoon Park
Malaysia(OSAKA ONLY): Tan Chuimui / Teo Yong Jin / Shairul Azwani / Chris Cheng Lin Chou / Deepak Kumaran Menon / Tan Juichen

Admission: 500yen

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23-28/11/2004 The Kazuo Ohno's Universe and Flower

Tuesday, 23rd November 2004, 14.00- 22.30 (opening talk 14.00- 14.30)

* exhibition
Wednesday, 24th to 28th November 2004, 13.00-19.00

Screening works (10-20 min.intermission between each works)
- 'Admiring La Argentina' 1977/70min.
- 'KAZUO OHNO' 1995/14min./Dir. Daniel Schmidt
- 'Portrait of Mr.O' 1969/ 65min./Dir. Chiaki Nagano
- 'Mandala of Mr.O' 1971/ 120min./Dir. Chiaki Nagano
- 'Mr.O's book of the dead' 1973/ 88min./Dir. Chiaki Nagano
- Dress Rehearsal 1970/ 70min./ Dir. Werner Schroeter

Between 24th to 28th, photography, posters, and his costumes trace Kazuo Ohno's Butoh history are exhibited beside the screening of excerpt from "o kind god" and private film.

Screening 1000 yen
Exhibition 500 yen (incl.1d)

Host organization/enquiries

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02-13/02/2004 Action! -The world of Interactive new media art-

Exhibition by Yuuki Matsuda and Keita Sakai.

Dates: Friday, 2nd to Sunday, 13th February 2004, 15.00 -21.00(Weekend/ National holiday 13.00-19.00
( 9th -14th April@ 0 Museum, Tokyo)

Admission Free

Host organization: Action!
Support: Osaka-city Education Committee

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07-21/03/2003 The 14th ART-EX boris achour [mist]

The exhibition by the French artist, Boris Achour, who is staying in Osaka for artist-in-residence- The 14th ART-EX.
During his stay, he had a series of workshops with 5 Japanese dancers to examine "the relation between motion of body and the space in a shopping mall" They actually had their performance in a shopping mall for video installation work.

Dates: friday, 7th to 21st March 2003, 15.00-21.00 (Final day: 12.00-17.00)  
(Closed on Wednesdays)

Admission Free

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