01- 11/03/2006 New Visionaries [wallstream]

[wallstream] is the pursuit for the viewpoint that moving image would be incorporated into archtecture [interior/exterior] in the future. It aims to reconstruct methods and grammer in accordance with output by reviewing conventional grammar of moving image. In cooperation of Midosuji Machizukuri Network[Midosuji Urbanplanning Network], [wallstream] works will appear at the window of Mido Biru [Mido Building] located on the corner of Midosuji and Honmachi-dori as well as a model cafe "video lounge[wallstream]" opened in remo.

[wallstream] @mido bldg, Honmachi
Dates: Wednesday, 1 to Friday, 10 March 2006 17.00- 23.00
Venue: Mido Bldg. (subway HONMACHI exit 4 or 5/ in front of Starbucks Cafe)

video lounge[wallstream] @remo
Friday, 3- Saturday, 11 March 2006, 17.00-21.00 (closed on 5th and 6th)

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25/11-17/12/2005 one minute on the planet_exhibition

6 artists made one minute video works in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph. See what we, viewers rediscover in daily life, landscapes of living things on earth in moving image clipped from the artists' perspectives?

Friday, 25th November to Saturday, 17th December 2005 (*Closed on Sundays)
Mondays-Fridays 12.00-21.00 Saturdays 12.00- 17.00

Artists: Atsushi Suzuki/ Tomoko Inagaki/Fuzitama/Hiroyuki Oki/ Manuel Saiz

admission free

*This exhibition is one of the events from The 3rd Osaka Art Kaleidoscope [do art yourself] hosted by Osaka Contemporary Art Center. www.doartyourself.com (in Japanese)

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04-06+11-13/03/2005 remo_showcase

So far, remo had screenings, lectures, workshops and gatherings to reconsider a variety of what we call, 'post-movie'in project"New Visionaries". remo_showcase review works we encountered in our past events and activities to look for the future applications of post-movie. remo selects moving images from various perspectives from our programmes; remember 3rd Monday, video lounge'wallstream', mobile vision (movie shot by mobile phone).
In addition, we also set a new programme 'remoscope' inviting works along with the 'Lumiere rules' from the public. Please bring your works on 12th of March! (MINI-DV/DVD)
See www.remoscope.net for the rules.

Friday, 4th to Sunday, 6th + Friday 11th to Sunday 13th March 2005
Fridays+Saturdays 16.00-21.00/sundays 14.00-19.00

Saturday, 12th March, 15.00- [remoscope] presentation

Exhibiting works:
■ Invited Works
[so what?] Atsushi Suzuki

■ remember 3rd monday selections
[黒イ二匹図動画] (two in black) 2003 05' 00 Kudan Fujiwara
[monotonous-dance-] 2004 01' 45 [monotonous-logue 02-] 2004 8' 00 Manpei Tsurubayashi
[Overdrive] 2005 10' 00/ [Experiment] 2004 32' 46 Sho Matsuo
[mori] 2003 8' 00 Tomoko Inagaki(11-13th only)
[Daisy] 2004 8' 02/ [here's happiness) 2004 23' 58 Naoki Kataguchi

■ Outerlimits_SoundAct selections
[chronophotic] 20' 50 John Oswald
[L'AUTRE RIVE] 1986 40' 00/ [ROYAUME] 1991 41' 00 ETANT DONNES
[anchortronic] 5.1 laboratory for updating experimental sound
**** TV Pow/GOEM/Golden Tone-Fennesz&Zeitblom etc

■video lounge[wallstream]
[freelabour] 2003 15'00/ [elevator] 2004 1' 00 seesaw
[tokkee-B] 2004/[tokkee-C] 2004/ [tokkee-D] 2004 Koichi Emura
[bokuno mono](mine) 2005 10' 23 Naoki Kataguchi
[camp] 2004 6'25/[hair music] 2004 12' 02 Tetsu Kubota
[summertime clock] 2004 16' 22 Takechiyo (from COUMA)

[F.P.R.T] 4'44 /[B.M.X] 12'02 Kenji Tsuda
[rainbow] 2004 10'00 / [makuraren] 2004 12' 58 Kouhei Matsumura
[The Moon and a Green Window] 2003 2' 48 Kyoko Inatome
[a butterfly comes and changes to sand] 19' 06 Kaori Okoshi/Kauchi Abe/Kenta Uchida

■Mobile Vision

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03-15/02/2005 video lounge [wallstream]

We open a 2 weeks running prefab-style café inside of remo 3 or 4 times a year. This model café is set for moving images as an interior, and experiencing how those "moving wall paper" work or effect in the space.

Calling for wallstream works!
We are design this project for commercial space and living space like cafe.
The medium is free: computer graphics, animation, and drawing. etc.
For enquiries, please contact at info@remo.or.jp.

Dates: Thursday 3rd to Tuesday 15th February 2005 17.00-21.00
Closed on Sundays and Wednesdays

Admission: 500 yen (for 1drink)

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24/05-03/06/2004 video lounge [wallstream]

We open a temporary prefab-style café inside of remo for 2 weeks. This model café is set for moving images as an interior, and experiencing how those "moving wall paper" work or effect in the space. Now next wallstream is expected in September.

Dates: Monday, 24th May to Thursday, 3rd June 2004,17.00-21.00
Admission: 500yen (incl. 1drink)

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