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23/06/-09/07/2006 animation &single channel video art festival Move on Asia -Clash and Network-

The curators of twelve art spaces from six countries in Asia, presents 22 emerging artists in the category of video art. The exhibition will go to Japan, China, Australia and Singapore after the exhibition in Korea. The invited artworks represent the keen sensibility and insightful judgment towards today's economy and politics in the current Asian society. This exhibition represents various views on video art by Asian emerging artists. This will provide the opportunity to draw the future of video art with a new cultural value of Asia rather than performing as one event of the international exchanging show.

Friday, 23rd - Sunday, 25th June/ Friday, 30th june- Sunday, 2nd July/
Friday, 7th - Sunday, 9th july 2006, 15.00-21.00

Australia : Tess Milne / Arlo Mountford
China : Yue Liang / Jie ming Hu / Feng Jien / Chunsheng Lu
Indonesia : Ari Satria Darma / Andry Mohamad
Japan : Tomoki Kakitani / Masayuki Kawai / Daisuke Nagaoka / Takayuki Hino /
Minako Kitayama / Kohei Kobayashi/ kawai+okamura
Korea : Jihoon Park / Hongsok Gim / Chan-kyong Park / Kwang-kee Lee / Hyunjoo Kim
Singapore : Ho Tzu Nyen / Tan Kai Syng

admission: 500 yen

Host organization: Committie of Move on Asia Japan
Direction: Jinsuk Suh(alternative space loop, seoul)
Subsidy: Arts council Korea/ Seoul Foundation for Arts & Culture
REMO DESK June 23, 2006