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01/06/2007 SUZUKI Atsushi [so what? 001-300] and [Osaka Hakkei (8 landscapes of Osaka)]

Atsushi Suzuki, living in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka presents the video series entitled "so what?" including 300 short pieces, as well as his new works“8 Landscapes of Osaka”.
The "so what?" video series consists of simple short pieces Suzuki captures from ordinary landscapes and scenes in daily life. These seemingly casual video works are filled with humour, comicality, melancholy, loneliness and beauty hidden in human behavior and nature Suzuki pursues. Suzuki's worldview will give us the opportunity to rediscover the world and to have diverse viewpoints through “so what?” series. We strongly recommend people who are not so keen on video art. Once you see, you cannot take eyes off Suzuki's worldview represented in his humane works!

Dates: Friday, 1 june to Sunday, 24 June 15:00-21:00
(open: Thursdays to Sundays)

Admission: 500yen (Ticket is required for the re-entry during the exhibition dates)

SUZUKI Atsushi
Born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, 1962. Graduated from Kumamoto University [Faculty of Science, Biology section]. He started his career as a contemporary artist in 1995. He has had many of solo exhibitions in Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Gallery Soap and art space tetra, and worked in the residency program of Toride Art Project 2004. The “so what”video series has been continuously growing to 300 works since 1995, clipping out fragments of daily landscapes. The "so what?" series have exhibited in Move on Asia (Korea), αM project 2005(Tokyo), Asia-Pacific Documentary Film Festival (Sydney), and Asia Contemporary Art Week 2006 (New York).
REMO DESK June 1, 2007