06/06/09 remoscope workshop in Togoshi Ginza [remo*TOKYO]

090606_remo*TOKYO_remoscope workshop

remo*TOKYO has open in June! For the opening project, remo*TOKYO will have the remoscope workshop.

date: Saturday, 6th June, 14.00- 18.00

location: studio c.u.t 102
2-7-4 Hiratsuka Shinagawa-ku Tokyo

access: Tokyu Ikegami Line [Togoshi Ginza]

Fee: 1000yen (incl. video equipments)
10 people

E-mail to tokyo@remo.or.jp (name/ e-mail/ tel)

Organization: remo*TOKYO [NPO remo/ record, expression and medium- ]

*[remoscope workshop]
remoscope is a coinage of video works based on the "Lumiere Rule" remo created. No technique is required. Anybody from beginners to professionals can create video works. In this workshop, participants watch their works together and enjoy calm surprise at dissimilating familiar landscape, which is clipped out by various viewpoints.

*Lumiere Rules
[Fixed camera/ No sound/ No effect/ No edit/ No zoom/ Max. 1 min]

*remoscope (also known as Lumiere video)

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29+30/11/08 Zoo x Video Workshop

Video workshop to shoot video works following 6 conditions called Lumiere Rule. We call such video "remoscope" After shooting, the participants will watch and talk about video works like video haiku salon. You don't any technical skills in this workshop. This workshop aims to shoot the video works and learn the basic knowledge of moving image. Join a sunday walk?

If you'd like to join the workshop, send your information: your name, date, mobile number and e-mail to info@remo.or.jp or remo.office@gmail.com!

Dates: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th November, 2008 (Choose the date) 10:00-15:00
Venue: Lecture room of Tennoji Zoo
Participants:12 people.
What to bring: pen and lunch.

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03-06/05/2008 Video workshop x the Botanical Garden

remoscope workshop.

Dates: Saturday 3rd to Tuesday 6th May, 13:00-16:30
Venue: Nagai Botanical Garden/ Information Center for Flower and Green
Admission free (reservation required/12 participants a day)

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10/01/2008 video rendez-vous

video rendez-vous
→flyer download(pdf) [pdf]
→work list download [fore] [back]

Dates: Thursday, 10th to Sunday, 20th January 2008, 11.00 - 19.00 (enter till 18.30)
Venue: Osaka City Museum of Modern Art Shinsaibashi Exhibition Space

Admission free (incl. workshop and talks)

Shuntaro Tanikawa/ Johan Grimonprez/Charlotte Leouzon/illcommonz/Yasuko Toyoshima/Fumio Kamei/Liselotte Wajstedt/Dee Dee Halleck/Elizabeth Coll and Kenji Ozawa/Takuro Iwabuchi/Yuki Nakamura/Tetsuo Kogawa/Pascal Beausse

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16/07/2007 remosports

remo's last event in the Festival Gate!

remo has launched the activities since 2002.

Due to the closing of the Festival Gate on the 31st of July, our activities here will come to an end. We've already embarked on the next project. Then we'll have a one-day party at this juncture of the end and the rebirth.

We call this party [remosports] - phalanx of media and activities(activism) as remo promotes the "body-training" to handle media.

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16/06/2007 [What is "so what?"] & [SUZUKI Atsushi vs remoscope]

Suzuki will have an artist talk entitled "what is [so what?]” (in Japanese) and join-in screening “Suzuki Atsushi vs remoscope" where visitors bring their own video work, watch together and talk. We describe remoscope events as "haiku salon"

Bring your works!
- remoscope video (followed by the Lumiere Rules: Maximum 1min./ Fixed Camera/ No Sound/ No Zoom/ No edit/ No effect)
- video works within 5 minutes

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22/07/2006 remoscope_workshop in shinsekai -Big Bon programme

remoscope is the genre of video work which is shot along with the Lumiere rules (*no effect*no edit*max 1 min.*fixed camera*no sound*no zoom) remo created. We jump out from remo to shinsekai area, and clip out shinsekai with camera. After shooting, those video works are screened and talked by participants. From 4th to 6th August, remoscope works shot in the workshop will be shown on TV monitors in Shinsekai and Nihonbashi shops/restaurants.

Date: Saturday, 22 July 2006, 13.00-18.00
Venue: remo and Shinsekai Area

How to participate:
e-mail or fax remo(info@remo.or.jp/ 06-6634-7737) mentioning your name/ contact(mobile no. /e-mail).
Please bring a digital video camera and a tripod.

Admission: 1000 yen (incl. a mini DV tape)

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11/12/2005 one minute on the planet_workshop

There might be a new discovery in places you casually pass by, and scenes you tend to miss by clipping out moving image. In this workshop, we call for submissions of video works from the public in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph. In addition to the screening of submitted works, we have a discussion on reconsidering the role, the potentials of moving image as a medium lying in everyday life and the grammar of moving image.

Guests: Masaru Aoyama/ Atsushi Suzuki/ Tomoko Inagaki/ Fuzitama/ Hiroyuki Oki

admission free

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25/11-17/12/2005 one minute on the planet_exhibition

6 artists made one minute video works in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph. See what we, viewers rediscover in daily life, landscapes of living things on earth in moving image clipped from the artists' perspectives?

Friday, 25th November to Saturday, 17th December 2005 (*Closed on Sundays)
Mondays-Fridays 12.00-21.00 Saturdays 12.00- 17.00

Artists: Atsushi Suzuki/ Tomoko Inagaki/Fuzitama/Hiroyuki Oki/ Manuel Saiz

admission free

*This exhibition is one of the events from The 3rd Osaka Art Kaleidoscope [do art yourself] hosted by Osaka Contemporary Art Center. www.doartyourself.com (in Japanese)

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04-06+11-13/03/2005 remo_showcase

So far, remo had screenings, lectures, workshops and gatherings to reconsider a variety of what we call, 'post-movie'in project"New Visionaries". remo_showcase review works we encountered in our past events and activities to look for the future applications of post-movie. remo selects moving images from various perspectives from our programmes; remember 3rd Monday, video lounge'wallstream', mobile vision (movie shot by mobile phone).
In addition, we also set a new programme 'remoscope' inviting works along with the 'Lumiere rules' from the public. Please bring your works on 12th of March! (MINI-DV/DVD)
See www.remoscope.net for the rules.

Friday, 4th to Sunday, 6th + Friday 11th to Sunday 13th March 2005
Fridays+Saturdays 16.00-21.00/sundays 14.00-19.00

Saturday, 12th March, 15.00- [remoscope] presentation

Exhibiting works:
■ Invited Works
[so what?] Atsushi Suzuki

■ remember 3rd monday selections
[黒イ二匹図動画] (two in black) 2003 05' 00 Kudan Fujiwara
[monotonous-dance-] 2004 01' 45 [monotonous-logue 02-] 2004 8' 00 Manpei Tsurubayashi
[Overdrive] 2005 10' 00/ [Experiment] 2004 32' 46 Sho Matsuo
[mori] 2003 8' 00 Tomoko Inagaki(11-13th only)
[Daisy] 2004 8' 02/ [here's happiness) 2004 23' 58 Naoki Kataguchi

■ Outerlimits_SoundAct selections
[chronophotic] 20' 50 John Oswald
[L'AUTRE RIVE] 1986 40' 00/ [ROYAUME] 1991 41' 00 ETANT DONNES
[anchortronic] 5.1 laboratory for updating experimental sound
**** TV Pow/GOEM/Golden Tone-Fennesz&Zeitblom etc

■video lounge[wallstream]
[freelabour] 2003 15'00/ [elevator] 2004 1' 00 seesaw
[tokkee-B] 2004/[tokkee-C] 2004/ [tokkee-D] 2004 Koichi Emura
[bokuno mono](mine) 2005 10' 23 Naoki Kataguchi
[camp] 2004 6'25/[hair music] 2004 12' 02 Tetsu Kubota
[summertime clock] 2004 16' 22 Takechiyo (from COUMA)

[F.P.R.T] 4'44 /[B.M.X] 12'02 Kenji Tsuda
[rainbow] 2004 10'00 / [makuraren] 2004 12' 58 Kouhei Matsumura
[The Moon and a Green Window] 2003 2' 48 Kyoko Inatome
[a butterfly comes and changes to sand] 19' 06 Kaori Okoshi/Kauchi Abe/Kenta Uchida

■Mobile Vision

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