06, 14, 23/06/2008 Alternative Media Gathering 08

Alternative Media Gathering 08 goes on to September 2008.
The gathering consists of 3 parts:

- Alternatives of Moving Image: From info tour to camp
- Alternatives of Books (reading)
- Alternative Media Party

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10/01/2008 video rendez-vous

video rendez-vous
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Dates: Thursday, 10th to Sunday, 20th January 2008, 11.00 - 19.00 (enter till 18.30)
Venue: Osaka City Museum of Modern Art Shinsaibashi Exhibition Space

Admission free (incl. workshop and talks)

Shuntaro Tanikawa/ Johan Grimonprez/Charlotte Leouzon/illcommonz/Yasuko Toyoshima/Fumio Kamei/Liselotte Wajstedt/Dee Dee Halleck/Elizabeth Coll and Kenji Ozawa/Takuro Iwabuchi/Yuki Nakamura/Tetsuo Kogawa/Pascal Beausse

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16/07/2007 remosports

remo's last event in the Festival Gate!

remo has launched the activities since 2002.

Due to the closing of the Festival Gate on the 31st of July, our activities here will come to an end. We've already embarked on the next project. Then we'll have a one-day party at this juncture of the end and the rebirth.

We call this party [remosports] - phalanx of media and activities(activism) as remo promotes the "body-training" to handle media.

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14/04/2007 Minimal Circuit of Straggle - Movement - media - Community

What is the media evoking the power that make each indidual's "politics" possible, withdrawing thecrystal of activity and strength, in other words, minimal circuit of struggle from individuals? How are community, politics and movements connected? This is the first talk based on social movements in Latin America between 2 spirited controversialists.

Date: Saturday, 14th April 2007, 18.30- (open 18.00)

Takashi SAKAI (Assistant Professor/ Osaka Prefecture University)
Jun HIROSE (Lecturer/ Ryukoku University)

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17/06/2006 alternative media gathering

Date: Saturday, 17 June 2006, 14.00-17.00 (delivered in japanese)

Talkers: Takashi Kouno, Kazuya Sakurada and Kenji Kai

Admission: 500 yen

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10/06/2006 alternative media gathering [indymedia and democratization of communication] by dorothy kidd

Date: Saturday, 10 June 2006, 15.00-17.00
Guest: Dr. Dorothy Kidd (Dep. of Media Studies, University of San Francisco)

Dorothy Kidd
Dr. Dorothy Kidd is a media educator, independent media producer and communications consultant for 30 years, working with citizen groups in radio, video and film.
She also published in the areas of political economy of media, media and social change and community media. currently she works on co-editing the collection “Making Our Media: mapping global initiatives toward a democratic public sphere.”

Admission: 500 yen

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04/12/2005 Radio Party!

FM transmitter workshop by Tetsuo Kogawa. Participants create FM transmitter and play with it at the party. In the workshop, it experiments and think about radio wave as a medium for expression. Everybody is welcome to the party. (Note: Reservation is required for participating workshop.)

What is Radio Party?

Date: Sunday, 4th December 2005, 15.00- (party starts at 16.00)

Instructor: Tetsuo Kogawa [Media Critic]

Admission: 1500yen(incl. materials/ party)
500 yen for party

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03/12/2005 Alternative Media Gathering [DeeDee Halleck Presentation]

Presentation by Dee Dee Halleck.
After screening of "Children Makes Movies" documented her workshop in New York, she gives us introduction of her media practice and activities.

Date: Saturday, 3rd December 2005

19.00- 19.45 Screening
"Children Make Movies" (1961)
"The Mural On Our Street" (1965)     

Presentation by DeeDee Halleck

Guest: DeeDee Halleck [Media Activist/ Professor Amrita of UCLA]

Admission: 1000 yen

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27/11/2005 Alternative Media Gathering #10 featuring DeeDee Halleck

Prior to the DeeDee's visit, her film works are featured in November and January.

Date: Sunday, 27th November 2005, 17.00-19.00

Screening work:
"Ah! The Hopeful Pegeantry of Bread and Puppet" (2001 with Tamar Schumann)

Admission: 500yen

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17/07/2005 Alternative Media Gathering with Indymedia Open Meeting

Indymedia (IMC) is a international network of grassroots media groups
comitted to a juster global society. Inoficcial motto - 'know the media,
change the media be the media.' Anyone can post their news, commentary and
announcements on the newswire. The administrative process (by volunteers!)
is as transparent, democratic and open as possible.

At this open meeting, you can learn about how to use IMC resources, how it
works (and what doesn't work ;-) ) and help shape IMC Japan. Whether you
have used IMC, want to join the core team, or have never heard about it and
are just curious, you are welcome!

There'll be presentations on IMC what, why and hows, and on open publishing.
In a mini-workshop, we will publish some media items right on the spot, so
if you have any news, announcements, images or audio-visuals you want to
publish, bring them (CD or flash memory/USB stick is best). The open meeting
will finish with a discussion. Discussion, critique and participation are
the most important things for such a media commons to work, so please join.

After the open meeting, there will be a core volunteer meeting to discuss
recent issues such as the editorial policy. (Anyone is welcome to observe.)

Date: Sunday, 17th July 2005, 15.00-

What is Indymedia?

Admission: 500yen

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19/06/2005 Alternative Media Gathering #06

Screening of video compilation [precarity].

Date: Sunday, 19th June 2005, 16.30- 21.00

Screening works:
Precarity(192min. English Subtitles)
17 video works compilation

Admission: 500yen

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22/05/2005 Alternative Media Gathering #5

Presentations of Media Practice.

Date: Sunday, 22nd May 2005, 15.00-
Admission: 500yen

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03/03/2005 Alternative Media Gathering #3

Presentation by Daniel del Solar.

Date: Thursday, 3rd March 2005, 19.00-21.00 (in English)

Guest: Daniel del Solar (US)

Admission: 500yen

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13/02/2005 Alternative Media Gathering #2 ASKE DAM

Presentation by Aske Dam, Norway.

Date: Sunday, 13th February 2005, 15.00-19.00 (in English)

Guest: Aske Dam(Norway)

Admission: 500yen

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