14/07/2007 Toshikazu and Hiroshi MIYAMOTO [Not there; here] - in collaboration with the late grandfather, Toshikazu MIYAMOTO -

The Installation of old film and sound related to family of the artist, Hiroshi Miyamoto.

I create "a warehouse of memories" recorded in various media using 10 video projectors, FM radio waves and daily objects. Visitors can take a part of memories
to home. Please bring a portable FM radio you have (if you have).

- Old photographs sometimes impress us when seeing them
- It could do because you find the common thing with those photographs.

This project is composed of installation works about The Miyamoto Family and their stories.
I interweave my film, photographs and sound are interwoven with the home movies and the family albums recorded by my late grandfather Toshikazu into a work of art. In those records, both of us capture the people close to ourselves and landscapes around our house. That is to say, the memories of the family are recorded.

_ For instance, face. voice, and body of the self, lifestyle, memories in childhood. expectation to the future
_ you might realize something taken for granted, but something important through our work.

Dates: Friday, 6th to Saturday 14th July 2007 15:00-21:00

Admission free

Born on 14 January 1978. He was working as a cinema projectionist, and as an assistant of the film director Atsuhito Yamashita when he went to film school. After graduating, he had been an adult video director. He does not stick to one particular media for his works using video, sound and photography to expand the range of his representation.

He's a member of AHA! project(Archive for Human Activities).
Website: http://www.itonami.info 

co-operation: NPO Osaka Arts-Apolia/ Cine Nouveau/ Planet Film Archive/ NPO remo
REMO DESK July 14, 2007