22/01/2008 The Core of Curatorial Practices #2 Osaka Meeting

Meeting: Tuesday, 22 January, 2008 18.00- 21.30(open: 17.30)
Screening: Everybody Wants to Rule the World
Wednesday, 23 January 2008 18.00


The Methodology of Harald Szeemann's curation by Yuka TOKUYAMA

- The Practice of Public-ky Art by Nov AMENOMORI, Breaker Project (Osaka)
- Social Experimental Project "Shin-bi" by Takeshi TAMURA, Kyoto Seika University (Kyoto)
- Osaka Arts-Apolia and Community- Collaborative Art by Miho NAKANISHI (Osaka)
- AHA![Archive for Human Activities] by Atsushi MATSUMOTO, remo (Osaka)
- rhythm- Activities to Actively Committing to Urban Culture by Mizuki ENDO (Fukuoka/ anywhere)

admission:500 yen

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14/07/2007 Toshikazu and Hiroshi MIYAMOTO [Not there; here] - in collaboration with the late grandfather, Toshikazu MIYAMOTO -

The Installation of old film and sound related to family of the artist, Hiroshi Miyamoto.

I create "a warehouse of memories" recorded in various media using 10 video projectors, FM radio waves and daily objects. Visitors can take a part of memories
to home. Please bring a portable FM radio you have (if you have).

- Old photographs sometimes impress us when seeing them
- It could do because you find the common thing with those photographs.

This project is composed of installation works about The Miyamoto Family and their stories.
I interweave my film, photographs and sound are interwoven with the home movies and the family albums recorded by my late grandfather Toshikazu into a work of art. In those records, both of us capture the people close to ourselves and landscapes around our house. That is to say, the memories of the family are recorded.

_ For instance, face. voice, and body of the self, lifestyle, memories in childhood. expectation to the future
_ you might realize something taken for granted, but something important through our work.

Dates: Friday, 6th to Saturday 14th July 2007 15:00-21:00

Admission free

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21/06/2006 Art in the city presentation 01 [Talk & Live performance by Chikako Watanabe + Emer]

The Netherlands- based artist, Chikako Watanabe will talk about her projects: Projects in Almere(2003-) and Survival Net Project(1999), as well as her research and workshop she's currently working on in the residency programme of Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi. You'll enjoy the organic food from the farmer Watanabe met in the project in Yamaguchi. Live performance by Emer is also scheduled!

Date: Wednesday, 21st June 2006, 19.00-21.00
Artists: Chikako Watanabe/ Emer (Yuka Kawabe, MamieMU, Atsushi Akazawa)

Admission: 700yen (incl. light meal)

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28/03/2006 linkage project_connector talk "local art and small media"

Date: Tuesday, 28 March 2006
connector room: 19.00- / connector talk 20.30-

Guest: Yasushi Sato (Sendai Mediatheque)

connector talk: 1000 yen/ connector room: 500yen

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18-21, 25&26/03/2006 art school presentation+workshop

[art school], an outreach project, enhances children to be involved with creative activity on the extension of daily life.
In 2005, art school has been promoting many workshopswith artists in various places; elementary school, children's hall, and city facilities for children. This time, it opens daily workshop programmes, exhibits animations, and photos created in past workshop, as well as instructors' works.It provides a space parents and children can enjoy and create animations anytime.

Saturday, 18 - Tuesday, 21 March
Saturday, 25 - Sunday, 26 March 2006、13.00- 19.00


Saturday, 18 and Sunday 19 March 2006, 14.00-16.00
Instructor: Koichi Emura (Graphic designer/ Visual artist)
Admission: 500 yen

Monday, 20 - Tuesday, 21 March 2006, 14.00-16.00
Instructor: Kotaro Konishi
Admission: 300 yen

Saturday, 25 - Sunday, 26 March 14.00-16.00
Instructor: Mimi Murai (artist)
Admission: 300yen

*other workshops (open daily):Clay Animation/Capsule Plarail Animation
Admission free


friday, 24 March 2006, 19.00-
guest:Yasunori Go (Workshop Planner/ Yuka Sato (National Museum of Japanese History)
Admission: 500 yen

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07/12/2005 EU meets JAPAN Cittadellarte Presentation

Presentation by Paolo Naldini, Cittadellarte, Italy.

Michaelangelo Pistoletto, the artist has worked on "Creative Involvement" for 40 years since 1961.In 1968, Cittadellarte was established in the disused textile mill in Biella, Italy. The foundation engaged art in a unique perspective to explore the solutions of various social issues in the world. Paolo Naldini introduces the interesting activities of Cittadellarte.

Date: Wednesday, 7th December 19.00- 21.00
*Reception party is scheduled after presentation.

Guest: Paolo Naldini [Managing director, Cittadellarte]

Admission: 500 yen

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09+10/07/2005 Movie Listening!

Audio-visual performance by the artist, Kyota Takahashi with a 3 piece band PAAP whose album was released from John Zorn's label“Tzadik”, and Dai Soma(Yudaya Jazz) from Tokyo.
Takahashi's works are ranged from interior/ exterior installations to live performances in collaboration with sound and dance. Improvised images will be created from his original visual equipment ”VISION SCROLLER". Furthermore, Soma will reconsruct Takahashi's images and PAAP's sound in his performance.
Don't miss this session in heat by artists who dare to be particular about non-digital expressions!

Saturday, 9th and Sunday, 10th July 2005, 20.00- (open 19.30)

Kyota Takahashi
Dai Soma(Yudaya Jazz)

PAAP [Makoto Inada(Contrabass),Yasuhisa Mizutani(sax) Koichiro Katori(piano)] 

Admission: 1500yen

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15/05/2005 Medium Activate Lecture by Brent MacGragor

Lecture by Brent MacGragor of Edinburgh Colledge of Art.

Date: Sunday, 15th May 2005, 15.00-

Lecturer: Brent MacGragor [Edinburgh Colledge of Art]

Lecture theme:
"When old technologies were new: Pre-history& birth of contemporary media"

Admission: 500yen

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21-31/08/2004 Breaker Project NUIGURUMI THEATER

Nuigurumi (stuffed dolls) Theater is developed by the artist Hiroshi Fuji, in response to dwindling availability of playing space for children. A variety of activities such as workshops, and screenings have been taking place in vacant spaces which were used to be shops and public spaces decorated with stuffed animals left over in the programme, Kaekko, exchanging unwanted toys. Nuigurumi Theater features experimental animations that emphasize creativity, rather than commercial as well as visual workshops to encourage creativity in children. The special screening includes works by emerging artists and a rare selection from works by Osamu Tezuka produced between 1928 and 1989. Also, included in a continual presentation of animated film created at the workshop in June with pupils in the Ishi Kinen Aizen-En in Naniwa-ward.

For more, go to http://www.log-osaka.jp/projects/nuigurumi/index.html#

Dates: Saturday, 21st to Tuesday, 31st August 2004, 13.00-19.00
Artists: Hiroshi Fuji/ Ryoko Aoki+Zon Ito/ Shin Iha/ Tetsu Kubota/ Kotaro Kubota/ Komadori Brothers/ Mimi Murai/ Misako Yabuuchi/ Paramodel....and more

Admission Free (*screening: 1000 yen/ kids 500 yen )

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29-31/03/2004 New Visionaries Workshop 02 -workshop by VJs for truants

VJ workshop for Truants with VJs

Dates: Monday, 29th to Wednesday, 31st March,10.30-18.00
**starts at 20:00 on the 31st due to the show

Instructors: AKARI TV/ ENITOKWA/ COLONY/ dryeyes/ Naniwa digital lab./ YOSHITAKE EXPE[nutron]

Fee: 10000 yen (The show on the 31st is free)

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20/03/2003 IMI Art documentary Screening [koma-2004-]

IMI students' show.

IMI/ Integration Visual College

Date: Monday, 20th March 2004, 19.00- 21.00
Admission: 500yen

Cooperation: remo

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05-07/03/2004 What About Me-The Rise of The Nihilist Spasm Band

The screening of The Nihilist Spasm Band's documentary film. The talk by John Boyle is scheduled on the 7th.

Friday, 5th March 2004, Program A 19.00 / Program B 20:00
Saturday, 6th March 2004, Program A 17:15* / Program B 16:30*
Sunday, 7th March 2004, Program A 15:00 / Program B 17:00 /Talk 18:00

Admission: 1200yen (both programs incl.talk)

What about me -The rise of The Nihilist Spasm Band is the documentary film shot for 2 years time by the director Zev Asher, who himself is also musician, which is included No Music festival in Canada, American tour on New York Times, Japan tour, and the early document of late Greg Curnoe. There is the scene that Thurston Moore or JOJO Hiroshige (Hijyo kaidan) talking about what is inspired is not to miss. This film got a high reputation at Toronto International Film Festival.
Also, this is the first screening with John B Boyle’s shorts “Brucelosis” and “Number 16” in Kansai area following the screening at Uplink Factory in Tokyo. Don't miss John B Boyle’s exhibition at Fukugan Gallery and a concert at Bridge.

The Nihilist Spasm Band
The improvisation band is formed in 1965 in London Ontario, Canada. Since 1966 to present, they are playing every Monday at Forest City Gallery. Their own designed instruments and sonorous vocals spin with the very unique and even provocative music. http://www3.sympatico.ca/pratten/NSB

The members are: (alphabetical order) John B Boyle, John Clement, Greg Curnow(deceased), Bill Exley, Murray Favro, Hugh McIntyre, Archie Leitch (permanently retired)

Direction: Fukugan Gallery
Co-operation: remo/ Canada Council for the Arts

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21-22/03/2004 - Marble- dots performance 006/ Shinsekai Physical Theater Festival

Physical Performance by dots.

Saturday, 21st February 2004, 19.00
Sunday, 22nd February, 2004, 13.00/ 17.00

Door 2300 yen /Adv. 2000 yen
Student 1800yen (adv.only/student id required)

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02-13/02/2004 Action! -The world of Interactive new media art-

Exhibition by Yuuki Matsuda and Keita Sakai.

Dates: Friday, 2nd to Sunday, 13th February 2004, 15.00 -21.00(Weekend/ National holiday 13.00-19.00
( 9th -14th April@ 0 Museum, Tokyo)

Admission Free

Host organization: Action!
Support: Osaka-city Education Committee

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13/12/2003 New Visionaries 09 Optical Toys -From Japanese Magic Lantern To Toy Movi

Natsuki Matsumoto as a lecturer will give a talk about Japanese optical culture and history from the 1600s to the 1900s. Besides, there will be the screening with magic lantern in Edo period and with home movie projectors such as 9.5mm movie projector " Pathe Baby".

Date: Sunday, 13th December 2004, 15.00- 17.00
Talker: Natsuki Matsumoto

Admission: 1000 yen / 700 yen (student)
Host organization: Osaka-city / Osaka City Promotion Association

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30/11/2003 IMI Art documentary Open workshop 01

Open lecture of art documentary class of IMI (Integration Visual College).

Date: Sunday, 30th November, 2003 13.00- 17.30
Lecturer: Yasushi Kishimoto (Director of Ufer ! Art Documentary)

Admission: 500 yen

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09/11/2003 lecture*OuterLimits_SoundAct_004 - Present and future of Non-Mainstream Music after the 90s

Talk between Atsushi Sasaki and Marutani. They will trace the non-mainstream music scene after the 90s to talk the future trend.

Date: Sunday, 9th November 2003, 14.00

Atsushi Sasaki (Critic/ Director of HEADZ/FADER)

Koji Marutani (Composer/ Director of Digital Narcis Co,.LTD)

Admission: 800 yen

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29/10/2003 [Breaker Project 04] Urban Concern 2

Presentation by Franck Bragigand, the artist.
Date: Wednesday, 29th October 2003, 19.00
Talker: Franck Bragigand

Admission: 500 yen

Host Organization: Breaker Project Executive Committee/ Osaka-city/ Osaka City Promotion Association
Support: Centre Franco-Japonais Alliance Francaise
Curation: Nov Amenomori

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17/11/2002 outerlimits_soundact_001 kozo inada

date: sunday, 17 november 2002


* sound installation 11.00-19.00 with koji marutani
* live performance 19.00

performers: kozo inada; koji marutani (digital narcis/remo)

admission free
*admission for live performance 1000 yen

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