10-15/01/2005 Move on Asia Move on Asia, an animation and single-channel video art exhibition

Move on Asia, an animation and single-channel video art exhibition, that took place in Seoul, South Korea in May 2004 will be embarking on a tour of Aichi [+Gallery], Osaka[remo], and Tokyo[Tokyo Wonder Site] in Japan.
In Seoul, 45 video works from all over Asia were exhibited on evenly spaced monitors, as though it were one big installation work. Throughout this exhibition, there is one common stream behind all works created by different artists - 'contemporary'. Some video works are generated from ever-expanding technologies, whereas, others used drawing giving us fresh impressions.
Also, the 2nd In-Between International Conference on Globalism and Alternative spaces accompanied the Move on Asia. That encounter in Seoul interwove meshes of a worldwide network, which enables us to introduce a variety of works by emerging Asian artists in Japan. We believe Move on Asia will be an initiative that enhances a solid and wide network.

Date: Monday, 10th to Saturday 15th January 2005, 16.00-21.00

Exhibiting artists
Australia:Dominic Redferm / Ryszard Dabek / Van Sowerwine
China:Shiqiang Gao / Xiaoyun Chen / Yongbin Li / Zhen Xu / Xuan Kan / Gongxin Wang
Hong Kong:Tam-ming Woo / Khong-chang Kong / Enoch H.S. Cheung / Aidan Wong
India:Nalani Malani / Sharmila Samant / Shilpa Gupta / Tejal Shah / Tushar Joag / Valey Shende
Indonesia:Jompet / Eko Nugroho / Hanura Hosea
Japan:to the woods / Haruo Ishii / Tochka/ Kazumasa Urui / Meiro Koizumi / Atsushi Suzuki
Singapore:Tzu Nyen Ho / Michael Tan / Victric Thng
Taiwan:Cheih-jen Chen / Kuang-yu Tsui / Chi-tsung Wu
Korea:Youngkyoung Kim / Kira Kim / Jia Chang / Sekweon An / Jaejeong Kim / Seonghoon Park
Malaysia(OSAKA ONLY): Tan Chuimui / Teo Yong Jin / Shairul Azwani / Chris Cheng Lin Chou / Deepak Kumaran Menon / Tan Juichen

Admission: 500yen

REMO DESK January 10, 2005