2010/02/26-28 Phill Niblock [The Movement of People Working] Live Performance + Exhibition

Live Performance + Exhibition by Phill Niblock.

The Movement of People Working, his film series, has been paused since 1991, after a few decades, he did a video-shooting at factories and market in Osaka, November 2009. Don't miss his live performance and Exhibition.

Phill NIBLOCK http://www.phillniblock.com
Phill Niblock is a New York-based minimalist composer and multi-media musician and director of Experimental Intermedia, a foundation born in the flames of 1968's barricade-hopping. He has been a maverick presence on the fringes of the avant garde ever since. In the history books Niblock is the forgotten Minimalist. That's as maybe: no one ever said the history books were infallible anyway. Since 1968 Phill has also put on over 1000 concerts in his loft space, including Ryoji Ikeda, Zbigniew Karkowski, Jim O'Rourke.

Dates: 26- 28 February, 2010
Performance: 19:00- 21:00
Exhibition: 13:00- 20:00 (close at 17:00 on 28th)

Venue: remo, Coop Kitakagaya
5-4-12 Kitakagaya, Suminoe-ku, Osaka, 559-0011
e-mail: info@remo.or.jp/ remo.office@gmail.com

Access: Osaka City Subway, Yotsubashi-Line [KITAKAGAYA] sta. Exit 4 (5 min. walk)

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2009/11/23 Phill Niblock Presentation+Performance with Katherine Liberovskaya

Presentation and Sound+Video Live Performance by Phill Niblock.
Katherine Liberovskaya collaborates her video with Phill's sound.

In this November and February 2010, Niblock will shoot the his film series "The Movement of people working" in Osaka, within the programme of Osaka City Contemporary Art Support project. The performance with the new video works will be scheduled in February.

Date: Monday, 23rd November 2009, 17:00-
Venue: Art Yard Studio
4th Floor, A.I.R.1963 Bldg. 1-2-25 Motomachi, Naniwa-ku, Osaka, 556-0016 JAPAN
Admission: 1000yen(+1d)/Artist Free (+1d)


Osaka-City Contemporary Art Creation Support Project.
Media Art in Residence Programme

Host Organization: Osaka-City
Project Management: remo/ Cultural Promotion Department of Osaka-Jo Hall
Cooperation: CAS/ Art Yard/ Suminoe Kagaya Local Community

Katherine Liberovskaya wishes to thank the Canada Council for the Arts for
their support.

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10/01/2008 video rendez-vous

video rendez-vous
→flyer download(pdf) [pdf]
→work list download [fore] [back]

Dates: Thursday, 10th to Sunday, 20th January 2008, 11.00 - 19.00 (enter till 18.30)
Venue: Osaka City Museum of Modern Art Shinsaibashi Exhibition Space

Admission free (incl. workshop and talks)

Shuntaro Tanikawa/ Johan Grimonprez/Charlotte Leouzon/illcommonz/Yasuko Toyoshima/Fumio Kamei/Liselotte Wajstedt/Dee Dee Halleck/Elizabeth Coll and Kenji Ozawa/Takuro Iwabuchi/Yuki Nakamura/Tetsuo Kogawa/Pascal Beausse

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19/05/2007 HACO x Chie Matsui Live Performance + talk/ Bar Da*vide

Live performance by HACO and talk between MATSUI and HACO.
HACO has just released the new album [RISKA] whose CD cover will be produced by MATSUI. Bar da*vide is also open.

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06/02/2007 open lab

Nishikawa, a musician and a PA engineer, Okunari will be in session with video works of palla (Kawahara, Kazuhiko) featured in the ongoing exhibition "artist pick up". It is an experiment how the new sound will work on palla's works applied classical music so far.

Date: Tuesday, 6th february 2007, 20.00-

Video: palla (Kawahara, Kazuhiko)
Sound: Nisikawa Bunsho/ Okunari, Hitoshi

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21/06/2006 Art in the city presentation 01 [Talk & Live performance by Chikako Watanabe + Emer]

The Netherlands- based artist, Chikako Watanabe will talk about her projects: Projects in Almere(2003-) and Survival Net Project(1999), as well as her research and workshop she's currently working on in the residency programme of Akiyoshidai International Art Village, Yamaguchi. You'll enjoy the organic food from the farmer Watanabe met in the project in Yamaguchi. Live performance by Emer is also scheduled!

Date: Wednesday, 21st June 2006, 19.00-21.00
Artists: Chikako Watanabe/ Emer (Yuka Kawabe, MamieMU, Atsushi Akazawa)

Admission: 700yen (incl. light meal)

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20/11/2005 Live Performance by Dale Berning

Dale Berning, the sound artist is now staying in Osaka for the residency of Osaka Arts-Aporia. Live performance at remo will conclude her residency. Her performance will consist of 2 parts: her collaborating work "blue floor clicking" with the visual artist Sawa Hiraki and improvisation

Date: 20th November 2005, 19.00

Artist: Dale Berning (London)

Admission: 1000 yen

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09+10/07/2005 Movie Listening!

Audio-visual performance by the artist, Kyota Takahashi with a 3 piece band PAAP whose album was released from John Zorn's label“Tzadik”, and Dai Soma(Yudaya Jazz) from Tokyo.
Takahashi's works are ranged from interior/ exterior installations to live performances in collaboration with sound and dance. Improvised images will be created from his original visual equipment ”VISION SCROLLER". Furthermore, Soma will reconsruct Takahashi's images and PAAP's sound in his performance.
Don't miss this session in heat by artists who dare to be particular about non-digital expressions!

Saturday, 9th and Sunday, 10th July 2005, 20.00- (open 19.30)

Kyota Takahashi
Dai Soma(Yudaya Jazz)

PAAP [Makoto Inada(Contrabass),Yasuhisa Mizutani(sax) Koichiro Katori(piano)] 

Admission: 1500yen

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24/04/2004 "Tokyo_reengineering" a multimedia performance by Eric Sadin

A multimedia performance and presentation by Eric Sadin.

Date: Saturday, 24th April 2004, 19.00-

Artist/ Talker: Eric Sadin (France)

Admission: 700 yen

Eric Sadin
(Writer / Multimedia artist / Chief editor of "ec/artS"/ Lecturer at Toulon Art school)
He was a prize winner of Villa Kujyoyama artist residence program in Kyoto Japan in 2002.

Co-operation: Centre Franco-Japonais Alliance Francaise d' Osaka

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29-31/03/2004 New Visionaries Workshop 02 -workshop by VJs for truants

VJ workshop for Truants with VJs

Dates: Monday, 29th to Wednesday, 31st March,10.30-18.00
**starts at 20:00 on the 31st due to the show

Instructors: AKARI TV/ ENITOKWA/ COLONY/ dryeyes/ Naniwa digital lab./ YOSHITAKE EXPE[nutron]

Fee: 10000 yen (The show on the 31st is free)

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21-22/03/2004 - Marble- dots performance 006/ Shinsekai Physical Theater Festival

Physical Performance by dots.

Saturday, 21st February 2004, 19.00
Sunday, 22nd February, 2004, 13.00/ 17.00

Door 2300 yen /Adv. 2000 yen
Student 1800yen (adv.only/student id required)

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17/11/2002 outerlimits_soundact_001 kozo inada

date: sunday, 17 november 2002


* sound installation 11.00-19.00 with koji marutani
* live performance 19.00

performers: kozo inada; koji marutani (digital narcis/remo)

admission free
*admission for live performance 1000 yen

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