07-21/03/2003 The 14th ART-EX boris achour [mist]

The exhibition by the French artist, Boris Achour, who is staying in Osaka for artist-in-residence- The 14th ART-EX.
During his stay, he had a series of workshops with 5 Japanese dancers to examine "the relation between motion of body and the space in a shopping mall" They actually had their performance in a shopping mall for video installation work.

Dates: friday, 7th to 21st March 2003, 15.00-21.00 (Final day: 12.00-17.00)  
(Closed on Wednesdays)

Admission Free

Host: Osaka Prefecture/ Centre Franco-Japonais = Alliance Francaise d' Osaka
Coorporation:NPO DANCE BOX/ Matsushita Kosan Co.,LTD
Support:French Embassy/ AFAA
REMO DESK March 7, 2003