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16/07/2007 remosports

remo's last event in the Festival Gate!

remo has launched the activities since 2002.

Due to the closing of the Festival Gate on the 31st of July, our activities here will come to an end. We've already embarked on the next project. Then we'll have a one-day party at this juncture of the end and the rebirth.

We call this party [remosports] - phalanx of media and activities(activism) as remo promotes the "body-training" to handle media.

We have 3 special guests;
Jun Hirose
Rogues' Gallery
Bubu de la Madelaine

the 16th of July is the 3rd monday, so we also include remember 3rd monday as well.

■programmes and timetable

Lecture [Moving Image and Activism] by Jun HIROSE

- Screening "FORZA" provided by remo's video label "authentic records"
Video of The bustling parade of the historical last game in 2004-5 season by the supporters of the Italian football team GENOA. This game was invalid due to the fixed game after the parade with no cut or edit.

- remember 3rd monday
guest: Bubu de la Madelaine

remosports VJ+DJ The right stuff

□all day
[video bar]
Rogues' Gallery「Bar Da*Vide」

- Home Video of a sports day in 1920-1970s provided AHA! Project
- remoscope
- video: wireless imagination dialogue(2005.12/Tetsuo Kogawa x Kazuya Sakurada[remo])
REMO DESK July 16, 2007