About Projects

AHA! [Archives for Human Activities]
AHA! aims to build a digital film archive system by collecting and preserving moving image artifacts. By doing this AHA aims to create a comprehensive resource for people interested in the history of the moving image. The project provides 8mm film screenings, home screenings, and provides a service to convert 8mm film to DVD to enable older films to be added to the archive.

Alternative Media Gathering
Alternative Media Gathering is a workshop that studies the approaches of alternative media , as well as new learning methods and different ways of using the various forms of media.

artist pick up
artist pick up focuses on video works in the contemporary art field and introduces local and international artists who push creative boundaries and go beyond what is considered conventional. The project explores video works using conventional screening methods as well as works displayed creatively in a given space.

remoscope is a collection of video works made in accordance with the Lumiere Rule which consists of six conditions ( Maximum 1 min. / Fixed Camera/ No sound/ No Zoom/ No editing/ No effects). The Lumiere Rule was created by remo from the six possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented the cinematograph . We provide workshops giving the opportunities to create, present, and talk about the works to a wide-range of people from beginners and professionals of video-shooting.


remember 3rd monday
remember 3rd monday is a presentation that takes place on the 3rd Monday of every month. The presentations at Remo are open to anyone who would like to present their works for free. It also serves as a platform for discussion between viewers and creators after the screening. This platform is open to not only the presentation of completed video works, but test screening of works in progress and [remoscope] works.

[wallstream] takes the position that moving image may be incorporated into interior and exterior building design in the future. The project aims to create new methods and encourages people to think about the surrounding environment when creating moving image works intended for buildings.

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