21-31/08/2004 Breaker Project NUIGURUMI THEATER

Nuigurumi (stuffed dolls) Theater is developed by the artist Hiroshi Fuji, in response to dwindling availability of playing space for children. A variety of activities such as workshops, and screenings have been taking place in vacant spaces which were used to be shops and public spaces decorated with stuffed animals left over in the programme, Kaekko, exchanging unwanted toys. Nuigurumi Theater features experimental animations that emphasize creativity, rather than commercial as well as visual workshops to encourage creativity in children. The special screening includes works by emerging artists and a rare selection from works by Osamu Tezuka produced between 1928 and 1989. Also, included in a continual presentation of animated film created at the workshop in June with pupils in the Ishi Kinen Aizen-En in Naniwa-ward.

For more, go to http://www.log-osaka.jp/projects/nuigurumi/index.html#

Dates: Saturday, 21st to Tuesday, 31st August 2004, 13.00-19.00
Artists: Hiroshi Fuji/ Ryoko Aoki+Zon Ito/ Shin Iha/ Tetsu Kubota/ Kotaro Kubota/ Komadori Brothers/ Mimi Murai/ Misako Yabuuchi/ Paramodel....and more

Admission Free (*screening: 1000 yen/ kids 500 yen )

Host Organization: Shinsekai Breaker Project Exective Committee/ Osaka-city/Osaka City Promotion Association

Direction: Hiroshi Fuji

Support: Japan Foundation of Regional Art-activity
Cooperation: Ishii Kinen Aizenen
Publicity: Hara Art Office
Curation: Nov Amenomori
REMO DESK August 21, 2004