live performance

09+10/07/2005 Movie Listening!

Audio-visual performance by the artist, Kyota Takahashi with a 3 piece band PAAP whose album was released from John Zorn's label“Tzadik”, and Dai Soma(Yudaya Jazz) from Tokyo.
Takahashi's works are ranged from interior/ exterior installations to live performances in collaboration with sound and dance. Improvised images will be created from his original visual equipment ”VISION SCROLLER". Furthermore, Soma will reconsruct Takahashi's images and PAAP's sound in his performance.
Don't miss this session in heat by artists who dare to be particular about non-digital expressions!

Saturday, 9th and Sunday, 10th July 2005, 20.00- (open 19.30)

Kyota Takahashi
Dai Soma(Yudaya Jazz)

PAAP [Makoto Inada(Contrabass),Yasuhisa Mizutani(sax) Koichiro Katori(piano)] 

Admission: 1500yen

REMO DESK July 9, 2005