AHA! Project



15/12/2005 8mm film screening+talk Shinsekai Selections

AHA! Project constructs a framework for the collection, screening and storage of private 8mm film and video. To trace memories of life and culture reflected in private film enables us to redefine the present, as well as to face the opportunity to create the future. For the first attempt, 8mm film shot from the 1940s to the 1970s in Shinsekai area- the base of remo, by calling for film from public will be screened.

Date: Thursday, 15th December 2005, 19.30- 21.00
*The reception party is scheduled after screening.

admission free

*This screening is one of the events from The 3rd Osaka Art Kaleidoscope [do art yourself] hosted by Osaka Contemporary Art Center. www.doartyourself.com (in Japanese)

REMO DESK December 15, 2005