Alternative Media Gathering



17/07/2005 Alternative Media Gathering with Indymedia Open Meeting

Indymedia (IMC) is a international network of grassroots media groups
comitted to a juster global society. Inoficcial motto - 'know the media,
change the media be the media.' Anyone can post their news, commentary and
announcements on the newswire. The administrative process (by volunteers!)
is as transparent, democratic and open as possible.

At this open meeting, you can learn about how to use IMC resources, how it
works (and what doesn't work ;-) ) and help shape IMC Japan. Whether you
have used IMC, want to join the core team, or have never heard about it and
are just curious, you are welcome!

There'll be presentations on IMC what, why and hows, and on open publishing.
In a mini-workshop, we will publish some media items right on the spot, so
if you have any news, announcements, images or audio-visuals you want to
publish, bring them (CD or flash memory/USB stick is best). The open meeting
will finish with a discussion. Discussion, critique and participation are
the most important things for such a media commons to work, so please join.

After the open meeting, there will be a core volunteer meeting to discuss
recent issues such as the editorial policy. (Anyone is welcome to observe.)

Date: Sunday, 17th July 2005, 15.00-

What is Indymedia?

Admission: 500yen

REMO DESK July 17, 2005