artist pick up

live performance

06/02/2007 open lab

Nishikawa, a musician and a PA engineer, Okunari will be in session with video works of palla (Kawahara, Kazuhiko) featured in the ongoing exhibition "artist pick up". It is an experiment how the new sound will work on palla's works applied classical music so far.

Date: Tuesday, 6th february 2007, 20.00-

Video: palla (Kawahara, Kazuhiko)
Sound: Nisikawa Bunsho/ Okunari, Hitoshi

Nishikawa, Bunsho
Born in 1975. He's a musician and a main member of Bridge(8th floor of Festival Gate). He produces many groups and unit, and works with international artist as an improvised sound artist and as an engineer.

Okunari, Hitoshi
He's an engineer who works in the performances of Merzbow, Shonen Knife, and Acid Mothers Temple. He frequently works at Bridge. In this open Lab, he uses surround-sound system.

admission: 500 yen
REMO DESK February 6, 2007