remember 3rd monday

21/08/2006 remember 3rd Monday

remember 3rd Monday is a presentation that takes place on the 3rd Monday of every month. The presentations at remo are open from 19:00 to 21:00 to visitors and anyone who would like to present their works for free. Works should be brought in on the 3rd Monday of the month. It also serves as a platform for discussion with viewers and creators after the screening.
Also, we set up the new programme "remoscope", whose works are along with the Lumiere rules. (please see the conditions below)

Date: Monday, 21st August 2006, 19.00 (submitting works from 17.30)

There might be a new discovery in places you casually pass by, and scenes you tend to miss by clipping out moving image. In this workshop, we call for submissions of video works in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph from the public. In addition to the screening of submitted works, we have a discussion on reconsidering the role, the potentials of moving image as a medium lying in everyday life and the grammar of moving image.

remo encourages works that do not belong to a conventional medium such as cinema and TV, and provides spaces for showing and viewing such works, Our aim is for such works of individual expression to act as a catalyst to provoke an interaction between makers and audience that will transcend the barriers of that relationship.

How to register
Please bring your work at remo and fill in the form from 17:30)
* Registration will end after exceeding the time above in the order of arrival.

2) Applicant or its representative must have its copyright.
3) Screening work should not infringe the specific non-profit organization policy, such as expression about good public order and customs, and religion and political activity.

The condition for those who submit video works:
- the work should follow The Lumiere Rules
(Maximum 1min./Fixed Camera/ No Sound/ No Zoom/ No edit/ No effect)
- to bring authoring DVD/ mini-DV/ DVD-R or CD-R played on PC

admission free
REMO DESK August 21, 2006