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15-17/10/2004 TAKAGI MASAKATSU 2002-2004

The screening of Takagi's new work "COIEDA" accompanied with his past video works.

Date: Friday, 15th to Sunday 17th October, 2004, 19.00- 21.00

Screening works
- COIEDA_38min_2004
- world is so beautiful_65min._2003
- pia_23min._2002

Takagi, Masakatsu
Born in 1979. Lives and Works in Kyoto. He works on both visuals and music, his hi-quality fusion draws the attention. Beside the releases of CD/DVD from (inter)national labels, his activities transcends genres; video installation in art galleries, sound performance in the world.
He recently collaborating with David Silvian-a musician, UA- a musician, Akira Minagawa, a design. He's currently working with the dancer, Naoka Uemura for the performance to be expected in Spiral hall(Tokyo) in November.

REMO DESK October 15, 2004