31/07/2004 Urban Concern-Osaka

Franck Bragigand will give a talk regarding this and past projects.
Bragigand defines himself as a realistic painter. Rather than producing entirely new works, he breathes a new life into old furniture, buildings, or park facilities, and brings out the unique nature and beauty of these object through his painting. Bragigand has just finished painting the tram of Hankai Tramways, the last tram in service in Osaka and a portion of Ebisu-cho tram station. The station is completed last Saturday, on 17th. From this week, he started painting on the tram has begun. The painted tram run through the city upon the completion from 30th July.

Date: Saturday, 31st July 2004, 15.00- 17.00      

Artist/Talker: Franck Bragigand (The Netherlands/ France)

Admission: 500yen

Host Organization: Shinsekai Breaker Project Exective cCommittee/ Osaka-city/Osaka City Promotion Association
Support: Japan Foundation of Regional Art-activity / Franco-Japonais Alliance Francaise d' Osaka/ The Royal Netherlands Embassy

Cooperation: Hankai Tramways

Publicity: Hara Art Office
Curation: Nov Amenomori
REMO DESK July 31, 2004