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month 7
<< the remo's last event in Festival Gate!!!

Monday, 21 June, 19:00-

supecial guests   
Rogues' Gallery
Bubu de la Madelaine

remo's last event in Festival Gate!

remo has launched the activities since 2002.

Due to the closing of the Festival Gate on 31st of July, our activities here will come to an end.  We've already embarked on the next project, but we'll have a one-day party at this juncture of the end and rebirth.

We call this party [remosports] - phalanx of media and activities(activism) as remo promotes the "body training" to handle media.

We have 3 special guests;
Jun Hirose
Rogues' Gallery
Bubu de la Madelaine

16th is the 3rd monday, so we also include remember 3rd monday as well.

■programmes and timetable

Lecture [Moving Image and Activism] by Jun HIROSE

Screening "FORZA" provided by remo's video label "authentic records"
Video of The bustling parade of the historical last game in 2004-5 season by the supporters of the Italian football team GENOA.  This game was invalid due to the fixed game after the parade with no cut or edit.

remember 3rd monday
guest: Bubu de la Madelaine

remosports VJ+DJ  The right stuff

□all day

video bar
*Rogues' Gallery 「Bar Da*Vid」


*Home Video of a sports day in 1920-1970s provided AHA! Project


*wireless imagination dialogue(2005.12/Tetsuo Kogawa x Kazuya Sakurada[remo])

admission fee

Toshikazu and Hiroshi MIYAMOTO [Not there; here]
- in collaboration with the late grandfather, Toshikazu MIYAMOTO - 

Friday, 6th to Saturday 14th July 15:00-21:00


artist statement
I create "a warehouse of memories" recorded in various media using 10 video projectors, FM radio waves and daily objects. Visitors can take a part of memories
to home. Please bring a portable FM radio you have. ()

- Old photographs sometimes impress us when seeing them
- It could do because you find the common thing with those photographs.

This project is composed of installation works about The Miyamoto Family and their stories.
I interweave my film, photographs and sound are interwoven with the home movies and the family albums recorded by my late grandfather Toshikazu into a work of art.  In those records, both of us capture the people close to ourselves and landscapes around our house.  That is to say, the memories of the family are recorded.

_ For instance, face. voice, and body of the self, lifestyle, memories in childhood. expectation to the future
_ you might realize something taken for granted, but something important through our work.

Born on 14 January 1978.  He was working as a cinema projectionist, and as an assistant of the film director Atsuhito Yamashita when he went to film school.  After graduating, he had been an adult video director.  He does not stick to one particular media for his works using video, sound and photography to expand the range of his representation.

He's a member of AHA! project(Archive for Human Activities).
Website: http://www.itonami.info 

NPO Osaka Arts-Apolia/ Cine Nouveau/ Planet Film Archive/ NPO remo
month 6
remember 3rd monday

Monday, 21 June, 19:00-

Markuz Wernli Saito (Photographer/Designer)
Tetsu Kubota (Lecturer/ CSCD- Osaka University)

remember 3rd Monday is a presentation that takes place on the 3rd Monday of every month. The presentations at remo are open from 19:00 to 21:00 to visitors and anyone who would like to present their works for free. Works should be submitted 10 days before the 3rd Monday of the month.  Submitted works are informed before remember 3rd monday through mailing list and the website.
It also serves as a platform for discussion with viewers and creators after the screening.
Also, we set up the new programme "remoscope", whose works are along with the Lumiere rules. (please see the rules below)

There might be a new discovery in places you casually pass by, and scenes you tend to miss by clipping out moving image. In this workshop, we call for submissions of video works in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph from the public. In addition to the screening of submitted works, we have a discussion on reconsidering the role, the potentials of moving image as a medium lying in everyday life and the grammar of moving image.

remo encourages works that do not belong to a conventional medium such as cinema and TV, and provides spaces for showing and viewing such works, Our aim is for such works of individual expression to act as a catalyst to provoke an interaction between makers and audience that will transcend the barriers of that relationship.

how to register
Please bring your work at remo and fill in the form from 17:30)
* Registration will end after exceeding the time above in the order of arrival.

2) Applicant or its representative must have its copyright.
3) Screening work should not infringe the specific non-profit organization policy, such as expression about good public order and customs, and religion and political activity.

conditionz for those who submit video works:
- the work should follow The Lumiere Rules
(Maximum 1min./Fixed Camera/ No Sound/ No Zoom/ No edit/ No effect)
- to bring authoring DVD/ mini-DV/ DVD-R or CD-R played on PC
admission fee

talk and screening
[What is "so what?"]&[SUZUKI Atsushi vs remoscope]

Saturday, 16 june 18:00 -

On Saturday 16th, Suzuki will have an artist talk entitled "what is [so what?]”(in Japanese) and join-in screening“Suzuki Atsushi vs remoscope" where visitors bring their own video work, watch together and talk.  We describe remoscope events as relevant to haiku salon. 

Bring your works!
- remoscope based video (Maximum 1min./ Fixed Camera/ No Sound/ No Zoom/ No edit/ No effect)
- video works within 5 min

500 yen

SUZUKI Atsushi
「so what? 001-300」and「8 landscapes of Osaka」

Friday, 1 june to Sunday, 24 June 15:00-21:00
(open: Thursdays to Sundays)

Atsushi Suzuki, living in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka presents the video series entitled "so what?" including 300 short pieces, as well as his new works“8 Landscapes of Osaka”. The "so what?" video series consists of simple short pieces Suzuki captures from ordinary landscapes and scenes in daily life. These seemingly casual video works are filled with humour, comicality, melancholy, loneliness and beauty hidden in human behavior and nature Suzuki pursues. Suzuki's worldview will give us the opportunity to rediscover the world and to have diverse viewpoints through “so what?” series. We strongly recommend people who are not so keen on video art. Once you see, you cannot take eyes off Suzuki's worldview represented in his humane works!

SUZUKI Atsushi
Born in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, 1962. Graduated from Kumamoto University [Faculty of Science, Biology section]. He started his career as a contemporary artist in 1995. He has had many of solo exhibitions in Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art, Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art, Gallery Soap and art space tetra, and worked in the residency program of Toride Art Project 2004. The “so what”video series has been continuously growing to 300 works since 1995, clipping out fragments of daily landscapes. The "so what?" series have exhibited in Move on Asia (Korea), αM project 2005(Tokyo), Asia-Pacific Documentary Film Festival (Sydney), and Asia Contemporary Art Week 2006 (New York).

500yen (ticket is required for the reentry during the exhibition dates)

Month 5
remember 3rd monday

Monday, 21 May, 19:00-

screening works:  
"end credits of the world" 10min.Takuro IWABUCHI, 10min.   
"Test work for Exhibition in Nara"  Palla(Kazuhiko KAWAHARA) 20min.
"Untitled" Yuichi MATSUDA 3min.
"Red Ninja" 6min.
"Bath Project" 3min.
"Alien Strings" 3min.  Charles BILLARD

special guest   
Takuro Iwabuchi (Artist, Writer, Editor)
Born in Hyogo, 1973.  He represents art works whose motif are taken from a word and its meaning mainly in Kansai Area.  Besides, he pracices and experiments the information via personal media such as blog and podcast while working as a writer and editor. He hosts the artist-run space 208 in Minamimori-machi, Osaka.  He's a member of the NPO C.A.P.

HACO x Chie Matsui Live Performance + talk  / Bar Da*vid

saturday, 19 May, 19:00-21:00
(Bar Da*vid opens 18:00-22:00)

Live performance by HACO and talk between MATSUI and HACO.
HACO has just released the new album [RISKA] whose CD cover will be produced by MATSUI.  Also, bar da*vid is open.

HACO has various professional faces in music fields: vocalist / lyricist-composer / electroacoustic performer. She develops her own genre by applying folk music with her unique sensibility. Her art got international recognition and is respected by many musicians. In 2005, her CD Stereo Bugscope 00 was awarded a prize in the digital music category at Prix Ars Electronica in Austria. Recently, she expands her range of music such as sound collection from electronic devices.
For more, Go to HACO's my space.



Screening: Chie Matsui Video Works 2000-2007

Saturday, 5th to Sunday 20th May (open only: friday, saturday and saturday) 15:00-21:00

Screening Matsui's past video works, including her latest work. The MEM Gallery also exhibits her drawing from 2000-2006 between 17 april to 17 May.
go toMEM's website

Chie Matsui
Graduated from Kyoto University of Art. Since the 1980s, her installations have got increasing public attention. In the 1990s, her works are exhibited in MoMA and SITE Santa Fe, USA. Her works with a fusion of a big scale composed space and refined objets got a high reputation. After 2000, she started to engage in video works. In 2005, and produced a series of video works entitled “HEIDI” whose motif is taken from a famous story written by Johanna Spyri in the Yokohama Triennale 2005.

screening works
list(in japanese)



Month 4

Minimal Circuit of Straggle - Movement - media - Community
Takashi SAKAI x Jun HIROSE

saturday, 14 april  open: 18:00 start: 18:30

What is the media evoking the power that make each indidual's "politics" possible,  withdrawing thecrystal of activity and strength, in other words, minimal circuit of struggle from individuals? How are community, politics and movements connected?  This is the first talk based on social movements in Latin America between 2 spirited controversialists.

Takashi SAKAI (Assistant Professor/ Osaka Prefecture University)
Jun HIROSE (Lecturer/ Ryukoku University)

admission free

Jimbunshoin [Publisher]
9 Takedanishiuchihatakemachi,
Fushimi-ku Kyoto, 612-8447 tel.075-603-1344


Month 2
open Lab

tuesday, 6th february 20:00 open

Video: palla (Kawahara, Kazuhiko)
Sound: Nisikawa Bunsho/ Okunari, Hitoshi

A musician, Nisikawa, and a PA engineer, Okunari will be in session with video works of palla(Kawahara, Kazuhiko) featured in the current exhibition "artist pick up". It is an experiment how the new sound will work on palla's works applied classical music.

artist profiles
Nishikawa, Bunsho
Born in 1975. He's a musician and a main member of Bridge(8th floor of Festival Gate).  He produces many groups and unit, and works with international artist as an improvised sound artist and as an engineer.

Okunari, Hitoshi
He's an engineer who works in the performances of Merzbow, Shonen Knife, and Acid Mothers Temple. He frequently works at Bridge. In this open Lab, he uses surround-sound system.


Month 1


monday, 22 january 17:00-22:00

The genius artist unit, Rogues' Gallery(Yasuhiko Hamachi and Yukihisa Nakase) representing Osaka known for their work "GASOLINE MUSIC AND CRUISING", are also enthusiastic video collectors.  Rogues' Gallery and remo launch the study group and bar with the axis of their collection- the open-wide, deep, dazzling world of moving image.

Rogues' Gallery and remo

free(but it's a bar)

artist pick up: Ayako Yoshimura / palla (Kazuhiko Kawahara)
Cityscape from photography to moving images

friday, 12 january to sunday, 18 february [open: thu-sun] 15:00-21:00

remo featured Canadian, Australian video artists in the past artist pick up
programmes. The last programme is 2 Japanese artists- Ayako Yoshimura and palla (Kazuhiko Kawahara).

Yoshimura is currently living in Amsterdam NL. In her video work "place - a city"
hundreds of still images shot from observatories in 6 different cities [Tokyo,
Yokohama, Shanghai. Sao Paulo, New York, and Chicago] joined together and presents
one anonymous and homogenized cityscape, which is deleted particularities;
landmarks, traffic, and signals.

palla, an award-winner of New Cosmos of Photography, captures the unstable,
ambiguous zone- "the lost boundaries area" he calls, concealed in urban cities. You
hardly imagine that only one photograph is manupilated and transformed into such visionary moving images. It should be noted that his works are generated from not only by his idea, but also by online comments left on his website: www.pallalink.net
Besides, large-scale photographic work is exhibited in the remo space.

Cityscapes on their perspective could be a "contemporaty landscape paintings" in the mixture of beauty and distortion existing in our living cities.


osaka-city/ osaka city promotion

The Netherlands for Visual Arts, Design, and Architecture

technical support
canon inc.

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