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month 12
Screening program   remember 3rd monday
12/15(mon) 19:00〜21:00  (registaration 17:00〜17:30)

about remember 3rd monday
remember 3rd monday is the place for free presentation of moving images by applicants who registered on the 3rd Monday of every month. Anyone can show works, and anyone can see those works. After the screening, There is a time to communicate with applicants and audience.

how to register
Please bring your work at remo and fill in the form from 17:00 to 17:30)
* Registration will end after exceeding the time above in the order of arrival.

2) Applicant or its representative must have its copyright.
3) Screening work should not infringe the specific non-profit organization policy, such as expression about good public order and customs, and religion and political activity.


■Lecture+Screening  New Visionaries 09 Optical Toys -From Japanese Magic Lantern To Toy Movie

12/13(Sun) 15:00〜17:00


Natsuki Matsumoto


Inviting Natsuki Matsumoto as a lecturer,  Japanese optical culture and history from 1600 to 1900 will be concerned, as well as screening
with magic lantern in Edo period and  toy movie projectors such as 9.5mm movie projector " Pathe Baby".


\1000/\700 (student)

host organization 

Osaka-city / Osaka City Promotion Association

month 11

■Lecture  IMI Art documentary Open workshop 01

11/30(Sun) 13:00〜17:30


Yasushi Kishimoto (Director of Ufer ! Art Documentary)



Screening program   remember 3rd monday
11/17(mon) 19:00〜21:00 (registaration time 17:00〜17:30)

■Lecture  lecture*OuterLimits_SoundAct_004
〜 prsent and post scene of Non-Mainstream Music after 90s


11/09(Sun) 14:00


Atsushi Sasaki (Critic, Director of HEADZ/FADER)


Koji Marutani (Composer, Distributer+Director of Digital Narcis Co,.LTD)




host organization


■screening program  New Visionaries 09 screening Program
         dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y

10/26(sun)  16:00〜 (Talk starting at 17:00)
10/27(mon)・10/31(fri)〜 11/2(sun) ・11/7(fri)〜9(sun)  19:00〜

Johan Grimonprez+ Tetsuo Kogawa (26th)
-First aircraft hijacking by Peruvian revolutionist in 1931
-Yodo Hijacking by Japanese red army (31 March, 1970)
-A machine gun and grenade attack on Lod Airport in Tel Aviv (30 May 1972)
-Korean Air shot down (1 September 1983)
-Iranian Airliner shot down by US Navy (3 July 1988)
.......and 11th of September .

dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y directed by Johan Grimonprez is a documentary film, which consists of collage of TV news reports of past international hijacking and terrorist attacks such as above. His peculiar sampling technique was sensational in documenta X, and “hijacked” people’s attention in other art festivals around the world. It is even said that is placed the work which expects events of the September 11th. The release of dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y with Japanese subtitles and his directed art book leads to the premiere screening in the Kansai area. Notably, , the talk invited the director, Johan Grimonprez and the media critic, Tetsuo Kogawa is scheduled on Sunday 26th.

 host organization 
Osaka city / Osaka City Promotion Association

  directed by   
NPO remo / New Visionaries Study Group

■Lecture  Breaker Project 04 "Urban Concern2"

10/29(wed) 19:00


Franck Bragigand




Alliance Francaise

  directed by

Nov Amenomori



Screening program  remember 3rd monday
10/20(mon) 19:00〜21:00 (registaration time 17:00〜17:30)

  directed by   
NPO remo

■screening program   promising flowers

10/05(Sun) 13:00〜

Takashi Asai(Uplink) / May Shigenobu(Journalist)

 host organization 

TEL:090-2067-0621/090-8194-8819 E-mail:hostunknown@mac.com
month 9
■ Performance  OuterLimits_SoundAct_003 Phill Niblock+ Thomas Ankersmit
9/24(wed) 17:00〜

Phill Niblock / Thomas Ankersmit

 host organization 
month 7
■screening program  New Visionaries 06 screening program
        Ufer!Art Documentary oimo:tabaimo -2003-

7/19(Sat)・20(Sun) 17:00〜& 25(Fri)・26(Sat) 19:00〜

Tabaimo, Yasushi Kishimoto

Program A ■oimo:tabaimo-2003-(34min/2003) ■hatsuimo:tabaimo1999-2000(27min/2000)
Program B ■OUR MUSEUM(57min/2002) 
*On 19th of July, the screening of oimo:tabaimo-2003-(only), and the talk are scheduled.

We happily present the 2nd Ufer! Art Documentary Screening program, following the screening
in April. Up-and-comimg artist Tabaimo's new documentary piece "oimo:tabaimo-2003" which is
exhibited in Kirin Plaza Osaka(KPO) at the same time, and her first work "hatsuimo:tabaimo
1999-2000" are lined up for this program. "OUR MUSEUM" directed by Yasushi Kishimoto, which
had a good reputation last time, is also screened. On the 19th of July, the first day of the
screening, there is a talk by Tabaimo and Yasushi Kishimoto.

 host organization 
Osaka city / Osaka City Promotion Association

  directed by   
NPO remo / New Visionaries Study Group
month 6

■Lecture   NewVisionaries The 5th New Visionaries "web conference"

 Date     6/14(sut) 17:00〜20:00

  guest    NHK dig , log osaka web magazine, Roopesh Kumar

 fee     \500

The 5th New Visionaries in a “talk show” form, that aims to be an
interactive session between specialists and visitors, considers new
applications based on the characteristics of media by considering
some websites as materials.
In primitive times, information was only conveyed b sounds. The way
of transmitting information has remarkably progressed in terms of
speed and domain from messenger, post and telephone to so-called
mass media such as newspaper, radio, and TV, which has made it possible
to transmit information to great numbers of unspecific people.
Furthermore, by the appearance on the Internet of websites and e-mail,
live information dispatched on the individual level has built the
worldwide network today.
Thus, it is an essential issue to consider how to handle media, what
should be conveyed and what chosen from the abundance of information in
the web conference.

 Host Organization      
Osaka city / Osaka City Promotion Association

  Directed by   
NPO remo/ New Visionaries Study Group

■Lecture  Video Art / the Singularity of Media [talks by Florence de Me redieu]

  Florence de Me'redieu talks about the singularity of the medium of the moving image by examining 
  video sculpture, installation, performances of Nam June Piek (known as the pioneer of video art who
  brought TV monitors into exhibitions) and, besides, several works by such international names as Bill Viola,
  Gary Hill, and Tony Oursler.

    Date 6/10[Sat] 19:00-22:00

    Guest Florence de Me redieu[Professor/Universite de la Sorbonne Nouvelle]

    Fee \500

    Host Organization Centre Franco-Japonais=Alliiance Francaise d'Osaka

    Co-organization remo

■Lecture   The 4th New Visionaries 2003 [Lecture+Demonstration] /
       Dance and Moving Image "A shared look when setting eyes on people"

    We invite Tsuyoshi Shirai, an artist who links dance and moving image,
    to consider "a look when setting eyes on people" by observing their experiments.

    Date 6/3(Tue) 19:00-22:00

    Guest Tsuyoshi Shirai [Study of Live works BANETO] 

    Fee \500

    Host Organization Osaka city / Osaka City Promotion Association

    Directed by  NPO remo / New Visionaries Study Group

month 4

■Screening Program  4/10ー4/19 Ufer! Art Documentary  remo screening program03

     1program \1200/student \1000 4program \4000/student \3500
     2program \2300/student \1900 5program \4800/student \4300
     3program \3200/student \
2800 6program \5400/student \4900

    HostOrganization remo

    Support Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.  Yupo・corporation

■Lecture 4/2(wed) 7:00pmー9.30pm Skalt

    Fee  \500

HostOrganization  remo

Support [A.I.T.] Arts Initiative Tokyo, Hara Art Office

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