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21/06/2007 remember 3rd monday

remember 3rd Monday is a presentation that takes place on the 3rd Monday of every month. The presentations at remo are open from 19:00 to 21:00 to visitors and anyone who would like to present their works for free.
Works should be submitted 10 days before the 3rd Monday of the month. Submitted works are informed before remember 3rd monday through mailing list and the website.
It also serves as a platform for discussion with viewers and creators after the screening.
Also, we set up the new programme "remoscope", whose works are along with the Lumiere rules. (please see the conditions below)

Date: Monday, 21st June 2007, 19.00-

Guests: Markuz Wernli Saito (Photographer/Designer)/ Tetsu Kubota (Lecturer/ CSCD- Osaka University)

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16/06/2007 [What is "so what?"] & [SUZUKI Atsushi vs remoscope]

Suzuki will have an artist talk entitled "what is [so what?]” (in Japanese) and join-in screening “Suzuki Atsushi vs remoscope" where visitors bring their own video work, watch together and talk. We describe remoscope events as "haiku salon"

Bring your works!
- remoscope video (followed by the Lumiere Rules: Maximum 1min./ Fixed Camera/ No Sound/ No Zoom/ No edit/ No effect)
- video works within 5 minutes

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01/06/2007 SUZUKI Atsushi [so what? 001-300] and [Osaka Hakkei (8 landscapes of Osaka)]

Atsushi Suzuki, living in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka presents the video series entitled "so what?" including 300 short pieces, as well as his new works“8 Landscapes of Osaka”.
The "so what?" video series consists of simple short pieces Suzuki captures from ordinary landscapes and scenes in daily life. These seemingly casual video works are filled with humour, comicality, melancholy, loneliness and beauty hidden in human behavior and nature Suzuki pursues. Suzuki's worldview will give us the opportunity to rediscover the world and to have diverse viewpoints through “so what?” series. We strongly recommend people who are not so keen on video art. Once you see, you cannot take eyes off Suzuki's worldview represented in his humane works!

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