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21/05/2007 remember 3rd monday

Date: Monday, 21st May 2007, 19.00-

Special Guest: Takuro Iwabuchi (Artist/Writer)

Admission Free

Screening works:  
"end credits of the world" 10min.Takuro IWABUCHI, 10min.   
"Test work for Exhibition in Nara" Palla(Kazuhiko KAWAHARA) 20min.
"Untitled" Yuichi MATSUDA 3min.
"Red Ninja" 6min.
"Bath Project" 3min.
"Alien Strings" 3min. Charles BILLARD

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live performance

19/05/2007 HACO x Chie Matsui Live Performance + talk/ Bar Da*vide

Live performance by HACO and talk between MATSUI and HACO.
HACO has just released the new album [RISKA] whose CD cover will be produced by MATSUI. Bar da*vide is also open.

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05- 20/05/2007 Screening: Chie Matsui Video Works 2000-2007

Screening Matsui's past video works, including her latest work. The MEM Gallery also exhibits her drawings from 2000 to 2006 between 17 April to 17 May.
go to MEM's website.

dates: Saturday, 5th to Sunday 20th May 2007, 15.00-21.00
(open only: Fridays to Saturdays)

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