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22/01/2007 Bar*DaVide

The genius artist unit, Rogues' Gallery(Yasuhiko Hamachi and Yukihisa Nakase) representing Osaka known for their work "GASOLINE MUSIC AND CRUISING", are also enthusiastic video collectors. Rogues' Gallery and remo launch the study group and bar with the axis of their collection- the open-wide, deep, dazzling world of moving image.

Date: Monday, 22nd January 2007, 17.00-22.00

Owner: Rogues' Gallery and remo

admission free

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artist pick up


12/01-18/02/2008 artist pick up: Ayako Yoshimura / palla (Kazuhiko Kawahara)

remo featured Canadian, Australian video artists in the past artist pick up
programmes. The last programme selected 2 Japanese artists- Ayako Yoshimura and palla (Kazuhiko Kawahara).

Yoshimura is currently living in Amsterdam NL. In her video work "place - a city"
hundreds of still images shot from observatories in 6 different cities [Tokyo,
Yokohama, Shanghai. Sao Paulo, New York, and Chicago] joined together and presents
one anonymous and homogenized cityscape, which is deleted particularities;
landmarks, traffic, and signals.

palla, an award-winner of New Cosmos of Photography, captures the unstable,
ambiguous zone- "the lost boundaries area" he calls, concealed in urban cities. You
hardly imagine that only one photograph is manupilated and transformed into such visionary moving images. It should be noted that his works are generated from not only by his idea, but also by online comments left on his website:
Besides, large-scale photographic work is exhibited in the remo space.

Cityscapes on their perspective could be a "contemporaty landscape paintings" in the mixture of beauty and distortion existing in our living cities.

Dates: Friday, 12th January to Sunday, 18th February 2007, 15.00-21.00
[open: Thursdays- Sundays]

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