AHA! Project



15/12/2005 8mm film screening+talk Shinsekai Selections

AHA! Project constructs a framework for the collection, screening and storage of private 8mm film and video. To trace memories of life and culture reflected in private film enables us to redefine the present, as well as to face the opportunity to create the future. For the first attempt, 8mm film shot from the 1940s to the 1970s in Shinsekai area- the base of remo, by calling for film from public will be screened.

Date: Thursday, 15th December 2005, 19.30- 21.00
*The reception party is scheduled after screening.

admission free

*This screening is one of the events from The 3rd Osaka Art Kaleidoscope [do art yourself] hosted by Osaka Contemporary Art Center. www.doartyourself.com (in Japanese)

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11/12/2005 one minute on the planet_workshop

There might be a new discovery in places you casually pass by, and scenes you tend to miss by clipping out moving image. In this workshop, we call for submissions of video works from the public in accordance with The Lumiere Rule, 6 possible techniques in 1895 when the Lumiere brothers invented Cinematograph. In addition to the screening of submitted works, we have a discussion on reconsidering the role, the potentials of moving image as a medium lying in everyday life and the grammar of moving image.

Guests: Masaru Aoyama/ Atsushi Suzuki/ Tomoko Inagaki/ Fuzitama/ Hiroyuki Oki

admission free

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07/12/2005 EU meets JAPAN Cittadellarte Presentation

Presentation by Paolo Naldini, Cittadellarte, Italy.

Michaelangelo Pistoletto, the artist has worked on "Creative Involvement" for 40 years since 1961.In 1968, Cittadellarte was established in the disused textile mill in Biella, Italy. The foundation engaged art in a unique perspective to explore the solutions of various social issues in the world. Paolo Naldini introduces the interesting activities of Cittadellarte.

Date: Wednesday, 7th December 19.00- 21.00
*Reception party is scheduled after presentation.

Guest: Paolo Naldini [Managing director, Cittadellarte]

Admission: 500 yen

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Alternative Media Gathering


04/12/2005 Radio Party!

FM transmitter workshop by Tetsuo Kogawa. Participants create FM transmitter and play with it at the party. In the workshop, it experiments and think about radio wave as a medium for expression. Everybody is welcome to the party. (Note: Reservation is required for participating workshop.)

What is Radio Party?

Date: Sunday, 4th December 2005, 15.00- (party starts at 16.00)

Instructor: Tetsuo Kogawa [Media Critic]

Admission: 1500yen(incl. materials/ party)
500 yen for party

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Alternative Media Gathering


03/12/2005 Alternative Media Gathering [DeeDee Halleck Presentation]

Presentation by Dee Dee Halleck.
After screening of "Children Makes Movies" documented her workshop in New York, she gives us introduction of her media practice and activities.

Date: Saturday, 3rd December 2005

19.00- 19.45 Screening
"Children Make Movies" (1961)
"The Mural On Our Street" (1965)     

Presentation by DeeDee Halleck

Guest: DeeDee Halleck [Media Activist/ Professor Amrita of UCLA]

Admission: 1000 yen

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